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Not from KC but I will be giving a presentation on human trafficking there and currently the laws against pimping are Type C Felony charge to traffickers which is I think 7 years or less and up to $5-$10,000 fine??

In reality I’m thinking it would be super easy for a trafficker to get that money, as much as they make in the sex tourism or $1.5 billion criminal industry. The laws on pimping are more like a slap on the wrist to pimps.

Anyone know how we could, and how I could present this, change the laws from a Type C Felony to a Type A (life sentence)?? I understand that if you have a lot of people who are in favor for a change than it stands a strong chance.

How could I create the petition?? (Websites, city building, etc ?) And to whom of Kansas City do I address to?? I really need the resources!!

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