12 Days of Christmas And An Awesome Pinecone Craft For Each One

Pine cones are pretty cool and interesting on their own and are commonly used as decorations or ornaments. You can put them in bowls, terrariums or just leave them on shelves and they’d look really nice. If you want to take things a step further you can incorporate the pine cones into all sorts of original crafting projects. Since is Christmas is just around the corner we though it would be nice to share with you some of our favorite Christmas pine cone crafts.

Isn’t this little guy adorable? It’s a cute little gnome with a body made from a pine cone and pine cleaner arms and legs. The head is a spun cotton ball. You can choose to use whatever colors you like for this project. Make the gnome your own and dress it however you want. You can add little extra details to give it even more character. Check out the rest of the details on diys.

Similarly, you can also make an adorable snowman ornament. Once again, you can use a pinecone for its body and pipe cleaners and paper for everything else. The head can be a little styrofoam ball and you can make a scarf out of paper (felt or fabric could be just as good). Use a little big of white paint on the pine cone to give a snowy look. For more details you can check out diys.

You can also use pine cones for your Christmas table setting. Dress them up nicely and turn them into seasonal decorations. There’s not much you need to do here. Just clean the pine cone thoroughly and then wrap some red-and-white bakers’ twine or ribbon around it. You can also add a little tag with the name of each guest to personalize the setup a bit more.

Don’t you think pine cones look a bit like miniature Christmas trees? They sure have the right shape for it and it would be really easy to make the resemblance even more prominent if you decorate the cones with yarn. You can use scrap yarn pieces from previous projects and the colors can be whatever you want. White yarn would make it look as if the tiny trees are covered in snow. This cute idea comes from craftifymylove.

Clear plastic ball ornaments are awesome. I love how versatile they are and how many great projects you can do with them. Just think of all the quirky ways in which you can customize them by filling them with pine cones, greenery, tiny succulents, pom-poms and everything else. You can even paint them and make it look like there’s snow on them. Be sure to check out bybrittanygoldwyn to find out all the details.

What if instead of turning each individual pine cone into a tiny Christmas tree you’d use several cones to make a bigger tree? This is an idea that we got from a cool project featured on pillarboxblue. The design is a bit more complex than what we described so far and involves some plaster and a few other things so be sure to check the instructions first.

You can also use a bunch more pine cones to make a beautiful Christmas wreath. You’ll need quite a few pine cones (and acorns) for that so check your backyard or go on a walk in the forest to gather the supplies before you get started. In this version featured on designimprovised the pine cones and acorn were spray painted and have all these cool metallic colors. You can do that too if you like the look.

You can glue a wine cork to the bottom of a pine cone to turn into a tiny freestanding Christmas tree. To make look more realistic you can also paint it so it looks like it’s covered in snow. Make several of these and display them next to a little bird house. It will look adorable. It’s such a simple project for which you don’t even need any special tools and supplies. Check out lydioutloud for details in case you need more info.

Next up, three ways to turn pine cones into adorable Christmas decorations. We love all three ideas and we’re definitely trying them this year. For the holly ornaments you need two pine cones and three red pom-poms per piece. After you paint the cones green you just glue them together and add the pom-poms. For each little bird you need one pinecone, two felt wings, a pom-pom and a piece of yarn plus a tiny piece of paper for the beak. the elves have pine cone bodies, arms and legs made of pipe cleaners and a wooden bean with a tiny felt hat for heads. All the details can be found on handmadecharlotte.

Another idea is just let the pine cones be pine cones. If you can find a really big one it might be nice to use some white paint to make it look like there’s snow on it and to then place it in a glass jar on a bed of cotton batting. It’s a super simple Christmas decoration and it looks beautiful. It also has a modern vibe. For more details about this project you can check out madincrafts.

Another really adorable pine cone ornament idea comes from hellowonderful. These are little penguin decorations made from pine cones, little pieces of felt and wooden beads. They’re actually really easy to make. Make sure you also have some black and white paint for the heads or these won’t end up looking like penguins at all.

Garlands are popular decorations and while they’re easy to find in stores and not really expensive, we feel like something handmade would look a lot nicer and more special. We really like the idea of using pine cones to make a Christmas garland. This one also has a few pom-poms in between and that looks really nice. Check out dreambookdesign to find out all the details of this simple project.

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