12 DIYs to Bring Chevron Into Your Home

Throughout the ages and stages of home decor, patterns go in and out of style, covering rugs and furniture and all kinds of accessories and then disappearing into the outdated blog post history. However there are some patterns that are always on trend no matter what else is big at the moment. Stripes, for example, will always be a classic option. And along those same lines, let’s talk about chevron. It’s the same basic two tone pattern as stripes but with a little bit of fun mixed in which makes it perfect for family homes and extra throw pillows that have you stumped. Take a look at these 12 DIYs that will help you bring chevron into your home.

If you’re just dipping your toes into the DIY game, you won’t find a project easier than this. With a doormat, some tape and spray paint, you can create your own chevron doormat to make you smile each day you get home.

Now take your tape and spray paint and apply it to your office cork board. Whether you use the space for lists and notes and memos or for inspirational quotes and family photos, the extra pattern will make a welcome addition to your office space.

Wood workers, here is a way to bring your scraps from past projects to life. With a variation of shades and stains, you can easily put together this lovely chevron coffee table and have your feet propped up on it by the end of the weekend.

Bring a bit of pop to that little nook where you keep your laundry basket. All you need is some spray paint and a stencil and you’ll be happy to display your chevron laundry basket in the middle of your dining room table if you were asked.

Making your own wreath is a very simple and versatile project. When it’s wrapped in a chevron ribbon in your home’s color scheme, you can update and decorate it to fit each season and holiday. You might even want one for the front and back doors.

Looking for that extra bit of comfort as the weather gets colder and we watch winter swiftly approaching? Use your newly acquired evening hours when it’s too dark to accomplish yard work to put together a chevron pouf for your living room.

Every so often, you really need a new set of linens to bring some life into your dinnertime place settings. Use some plain cloth napkins in your favorite color and some textile paint to create a beautiful set of chevron napkins. While you’re at it, make some for Christmas gifts too!

Chevron doesn’t have to be two tone if you have the same basic shape. Take advantage of the wall hanging trend to make a pretty piece of chevron wall art. With neutral yarn and brass tubes, it will match any room in your home.

For the farmhouse decor lovers, consider using a bit of wood to make a chevron pattern for your wall. It’s perfectly rustic, whether you paint it or leave it in all it’s wood grain glory.

It’s always fun to find new ways to display your house numbers. But instead of buying a new planter or plaque to attach them to, put them on a chevron monogram instead. It will certainly be eye catching for anyone coming to your home for the first time.

Chevron doesn’t have to come in small spaces. If you’re all into this pattern, consider building a chevron screen for your back porch or patio. While it creates soft privacy, it will add some hard style.

If your home has the odd exterior nook that needs a bit of something extra, you’ll be excited to discover a simple solution with a homemade chevron trellis. Then no matter what you plant, it will always be a full and beautiful nook.

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