12 Lovely DIY Heart Projects Perfect For Valentine’s Day

The heart symbol that we’re all familiar with has started being associated with the concepts of love and emotion back in the 15th and 16th centuries, although it did exist long before that. Starting with the 19th century the symbol became popular around Valentine’s Day which by the way is a short distance away.Today we’re seeing hearts being depicted in all sorts of ways and there are a lot DIY projects that revolve around it. Check out some of them below.

We’re staring with a very simple little project: a heart stitched basket. It’s incredibly easy to make this. You need a woven basket, a piece of yarn (red works best), a needle and a piece of paper so you can make a template for your heart design. If you already have a basket that you can use for this, maybe you’d like to give it a quick makeover.

A similar idea is to decorate a tote bag with a cute heart design. Use paper to make your template, cut out the paper heart and place onto the bag, making sure it’s centered and exactly where you want it. Then start painting red dots all around it, create a few layers. As you ca see, it’s an easy project but just in case you want more details you can always go to diys.

Simple shapes such as the heart symbol are great for small string art projects. With that in mind, considering doing something like this if you haven’t used this technique before because it’s a nice project idea for beginners. All the details about this along with the list of required supplies can be found on diys.

This heart cushion from diys is really cute as well. It’s also pretty easy to make. This is everything that you’re going to need for this project: some red fabric, pillow fluff, scissors, a needle, red thread, paper and a pencil. You can make this pillow as big or as small as you want just by adjusting the measurements and quantities of everything involved.

This is a heart-shaped decoration that you can make with twigs which is a really great and also very underrated resource. apart from those, this project from diys also requires a few additional items such as some paper, a pencil, a paintbrush, a hot glue gun, liquid white glue, yarn and gold glitter. Of course, some are optional and can be replaced with something else.

Hearts and concrete don’t really seem like a natural mix but they do work great together in this case. We’re talking about this heart-shaped concrete candle holder featured on diys. If you’re not a fan of concrete you could also use clay instead. In any case, you’re also going to need a silicone mold bigger than the candle that you want to put inside.

This little heart ornament looks adorable and we really love the embroidered snowflake that it has on it. It’s a small detail but it makes all the difference. You can skip it or replace it with something else if you want to. As for the heart and the rest of the ornament, the instructions can be found on diys.

Here’s another concrete project that we think you’re going to love. It’s not a candle holder but a freestanding ornament, sort of like a heart-shaped pebble with flowers on it. The flowers are not a must, they’re just details imprinted by the silicone mold but they do look lovely. Check out diys if you like this idea and you want to find out more about it.

Some grapevine wire and some twine are the only two things you need to make these rustic heart ornaments which you can display around the house on Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry about getting the shape perfect. The imperfect design of each heart is part of the charm that this entire project relies on. Check out forresterhome for more details and ideas.

This is quite an unusual project. It’s a very fluffy-looking heart wall hanging piece with many different colors on it and it definitely looks very interesting. Of course, it’s not the easiest project, as you can tell just by looking at the list of supplies needed for it: 2 skeins of white roving yarn, 2 skein of thick yarn in each of the other colors, roving in a few different colors, foam core board and a hot glue gun. You can find more details on akailochiclife.

Another interesting idea for a project comes from craftsbycourtney. This right here is a succulent wreath made using a heart-shaped metal frame. It definitely looks very beautiful and it’s something that you can display in all sorts of spaces. You can also make this as a gift someone that you care about.

If you’re in a festive mood it could be nice to make a garland that you can hang on your mantel or up on a wall. It doesn’t have to be complicated and you can use burlap and twine to give it a rustic look that would also make the room feel really nice and cozy. The little crocheted hearts are the focal points of the design. Find out how they’re made on fiberfluxblog.

You can also make something nice using wood. You can make use or reclaimed boards or pallets for these projects. It would be nice to find different types of wood with different finishes and colors so you can create this sort of quilted design. Before you start mixing and matching your wood pieces. trace a heart of a piece of plywood so you can later cut the excesses. The entire process is described in detail on thecreatedhome.

You can also find a fairly similar project on lakegirlpaints. Once again, the idea here is to use scrap wood to make a heart-shaped wooden decoration which you can hang on a door, a wall or place casually on a shelf. the design here is simple and the different boards are placed in a striped pattern which makes it easier to plan the whole thing.

This cute garland has little hearts hanging from it and they’re all pink and light grey. The alternating colors look modern and still retain the idea behind the design even if they replace the classic red nuance. If you’re interested in how this pink and grey Valentine’s Day garland was put together, check out awonderfulthought.

We’re continuing on the same note but this time with a heart-shaped wreath which is made using driftwood pieces. It has a coastal vibe and it seems like a perfect decoration for a beach home or a summer retreat. The project starts with a cardboard cutout. This is the outline of the wreath and the backbone of the piece, even if it’s not exactly sturdy. You can go to mycreativedays.porch to find out more info about this project.

The project featured on threescoopsoflove is very nostalgic and very clever at the same time. It would definitely be nice to make something like this for Valentine’s Day, especially if it also has a significant meaning for you. First you need to find a small log or a branch that looks like a tiny tree trunk. Then you get to do some carving.

Here’s another clever little project that also makes use of wood, among other things. You can think of this as an unusual wreath which you can hang on the door on Valentine’s Day or as a wall decoration which you can keep around for as long as you want to. We really like the idea of adding greenery to the design. It changes the whole dynamic of this project. For more details, head over to simplycountrylife.

We’ve seen quite a few cool projects that use wood and they look great. This next one doesn’t actually use this material but is somewhat related. There is a garland made from birch bark hearts. No worries, you don’t actually have to go out and strip any logs. You can find bark at craft stores supplies or online. All the details of this unique project can be found on aehomestylelife.

A wooden heart-shaped decoration can also make a lovely sign for a nursery room. You can customize it with any name and add all sorts of cute details to it based on the theme of the room’s decor as well as your own personal preferences. You should also check out traceysfancy to find out how this awesome pattern was painted on the boards.

Another possibility is to add a clock mechanism to the sort of wooden heart-shaped design that we’ve already seen a few times by now and basically create a custom functioning clock. You can reuse the kit from an old clock if you happen to have one. The numbers can be painted on or you can use tickers and other alternative solutions. Everything you need to know about this project can be found on wonderfulcreationsblog.

Wood slices are a nice recourse which you can use in your DIY projects. You can turn them into nice individual coasters or group them up and use them to make decorations like this heart-shaped wreath featured on meatloafandmelodrama. You can either buy precut slices if you can find them in craft stores or you can make your own slices by cutting a log.

We’re finishing our list with yet another lovely heart-shaped wooden piece, this time from a project shared on bydawnnicole. It’s a rather small decoration and has adorable little paper flowers and antlers on it which give it a very special look. Feel free to customize your own version however you want to.

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