15 Easy and Cheap Pallet Projects To Transform Your Home With

Whenever you find yourself with some spare time on your hands and a lack of ideas on how to spend it, doing some crafting is always an option. There’s literally an infinite number of projects that you could do so start by narrowing it down to something a bit more specific. How about pallet projects? They’re usually inexpensive and you can be really creative with your use of the pallets or the boards taken out of them. To help you get started, we’ve gathered 15 easy pallet project ideas down below for you to check out and get inspired by.

Dismantling the pallets will give you lots of boards that you can then use however you please. They’ll have different colors and a distinctive weathered look which you can take advantage of. Consider using a bunch of pallet boards to make a beautiful accent wall for one of the rooms in your home. The bedroom would be perfect for that. Check out instructables if you want to give this a try.

If you don’t feel like taking apart tons of pallets just yet, others projects require fewer resources. For this nice spice rack for instance you only need one wooden pallet. Dismantle it and then use four of the boards to make a rectangular frame, then add the back panels and finally the shelves. You can make this spice rack as big as you want it to be and space out the shelves however you see fit. More details about the project can be found on instructables.

Another option is to use pallets to make some actual furniture for your home which is a great idea if you’re lacking certain pieces and accessories. A pallet nightstand would be fairly simple thing to build. This particular one has a simple really cute design with a tiny little heart cutout for the drawer at the bottom. It also has an open shelf that you can store books and various other items on and a generally very charming look throughout. Check out the tutorial for it on instructables if you want to build this.

A big planter for the patio or for your balcony could be another cool thing that you can make using pallet wood. This one has a lovely scalloped design which gives it an interesting look and is also not difficult to make. The secret is to create a layered structure for the sides so you can place the boards at an angle without getting gaps in between them. You can have the boards stained or painted if you want to customize the look of your planter even more. The tutorial on charlestoncrafted explains the whole process.

Speaking of planters, there’s more than one way to build one out of a reclaimed pallet. This for example is a three-tier pallet planter with these built-in boxes at the center of each level and small shelves on the sides where you can add even more smaller pots. The best thing about this design is that it’s very space-efficient and lets you add lots of greenery to a small space like a balcony for example. All that’s needed to make it is a pallet. Check out the tutorial for this project on nur-noch if you’re interested.

You could also use a wood pallet to make something nice and pretty to display in your home or to offer as a gift to someone special. This for instance is a mini pallet Valentine’s Day art project with a simple and lovely design. You can personalize it and customize it however you want to or you can follow the step-by-step tutorial from tarynwhiteaker to make something identical. Either way, it should be a really fun project.

One of the easiest things to do out of pallets is a headboard. If you’re going for a simple and authentic look then very few modifications have to be made to the pallets in order to pull this off. A more customized design requires a bit of extra work but the principle typically remains the same. we find this pallet headboard featured on stylizimoblog to be really inspiring and perfect for a lot of different types of interiors.

Want to update the look of your kitchen? Why not go for a different backsplash design? It would be a fairly small change but it will totally change the look and the ambiance in the room. As you might have guessed, we know of a way in which you can use pallets for this. All it takes is to dismantle a pallet or two and then to glue the boards onto the wall one by one. You may need to cut a few of them to size in order to fill in all the gaps properly. More details can be found on circadee.

Did you know you can even build a pool out of pallets? It obviously takes several pallets to do this and it’s a time-consuming project but it’s also a very ingenious way to use the pallets and a great way to build yourself a super cheap pool in the backyard. Use the pallets to create the frame for the pool and then use a waterproof tarp as the base for the pool lining. You can then use more pallets dismantled into boards or a different material to attach siding around the frame and to make your pool look nice. There’s a more details description of this entire project on littlethings in case you’re curious.

Pallet boards can also be used to build storage containers and various other useful thing for the house, like a recycling bin for instance. This one has a really simple and rustic design, with a door at the front that swings open to let you access the container inside and a lid so you can easily throw stuff in and keep everything hidden and out of sight. The base has casters so you can easily move the bin around if needed. This could actually be the project that encourages you to recycle more. Check out the tutorial for this on thinkingcloset for more details.

Sliding barn doors are awesome for a variety of reasons, one of which is of course their unique and charming aesthetic. They’re also relatively easy to build and you can even make one yourself out of reclaimed pallet wood. You’ll obviously need a sliding barn door hardware kit for this so go ahead and find the best one for your needs. You’ll also need 2 wood pallets, wood glue and a hammer. It’s up to you to decide how you want to customize your sliding barn door so take your time and come up with a solid plan. The tutorial from lehmanlane should be of some help here.

Want to encourage the kids to spend more time reading? Build them a cute reading nook. It doesn’t need to be big or fancy or to cost a lot. You can use wood pallets for this to save some money. The design featured on kojo-designs looks lovely so let’s start from there. What you’ll need in order to pull this off is two pallets, some scrap pieces of wood, 3 rolling casters, some sandpaper and a few nails. Putting all this together is actually easier than you think.

This right here is a sofa table that could also be used as a console in certain contexts. It’s tall, long and narrow so you can place behind a sofa, a combo that usually work best in open floor plans or large living rooms where the sofa is positioned at the center of the space. Of course, this table is made out of reclaimed pallet wood which means you could build one just like it and it wouldn’t cost a fortune. Head over to instructables if you want to find out more about this project.

Isn’t this the perfect chair for your patio? It has a lovely rocking base, a simple and beautiful design and a comfortable geometry. You can give it seat and back cushions to make it even cozier. To build something like this you’ll need a few tools and a bunch of materials including several pieces of pallet wood, threaded rods, washers, nuts, bolts, wood glue and whatever type of finish you prefer for the wood. There’s a complete tutorial on instructables explaining the whole process. Make a couple of these chairs so you can relax on the patio with your beloved one and enjoy spending some time outside together. Also, if you have some leftover wood you could build a little table to go with these chairs.

It’s about time to gave your entryway a makeover and made it look more organized. You can quite easily do that by building a shoe rack out of pallet wood. It’s easy and inexpensive and this could also double as a bench. There’s a tutorial for it on ndwdesign. Consider also making a coat rack out of the leftover pallet boards while you’re at it. There’s also plenty more you can use the pallet wood for, including shelving.

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