15 Fall Wreath DIYs – For The Love Of Autumn

Of all the great DIY decorations and projects to celebrate fall with, we like wreaths the most. They’re incredibly versatile as they can be displayed in lots of interesting ways and places and they can be made out of pretty much anything.  Naturally, we’ve prepared a bunch of fall wreath design ideas that we’d like to share with you. Have a look and let us know which one is your favorite or send us your own original design to share with the world.

This is a leaf wreath…or is it? The confusion comes from the fact that the wreath is indeed covered with leaves but they’re made of paper. Some are made of pages from books or newspapers and some are made of wood grain paper. You have several options if you want to follow this design idea. You can use simple colored paper, cardboard and pretty much anything similar. Look for fall colors such as shades of red, orange, yellow and brown and don’t forget to be creative. {found on thecraftygentleman}.

As soon as we laid eyes on this wreath we fell in love with it. It’s so simple, so chic and so versatile that you can’t not love it. We found the project while browsing Lydioutloud. If you’re interested we can quickly review the things that you’ll need to make your own wreath: a 14” embroidery hoop, 4 wood slice coasters, letter stickers that spell out “fall”, a bunch of flowers (real or faux) and a glue gun.

Wreaths don’t have to be complicated. In fact, the simplest ones are also the ones that stand out in a chic and stylish way most often. We like the fact that the fall wreath featured on Madincrafts is not overly decorated and all the ornaments are pretty much clustered on one third of the surface. The rest is just a bare grapevine wreath. In addition, the combination of leaves and succulents (all of them faux) is interesting in its own way.

Most of the time, a fall wreath would feature colors like reds, browns and oranges which definitely makes sense give the season. However, that doesn’t mean you have to comply with the trend. Like this ombre wreath design on Madincrafts shows, other colors can work out great for such a project. In this case the star is purple. Various shades of purple are layered and combined with bronze accents. The combination is both elegant and eye-catching.

While it’s true that we’re instinctually drawn to all that is new and original, we love traditional and rustic designs just as much, especially when they create a warm and cozy ambiance that reminds us of wonderful times, much like this wreath does. The design started with a foam wreath which was covered in burlap ribbon. When that was done, a bunch of faux fruits were glued to the wreath. They have this interested texture that makes them look like they’re coated in sugar. {found on madincrafts}.

We’ll stay in the rustic universe a little bit more and enjoy a fall wreath that makes wonderful use of a faux pumpkin. Actually, you only need half of it for the project which means you’ll actually have two great half pumpkin vases to use in your projects. Trace the shape of the pumpkin on a piece of cardboard, cut out the form and glue it to the back of the vase. Then put some floral foam inside and starts inserting the faux flowers, berries and branches until you’re happy with the arrangement. Attach the whole vase to a grapevine wreath. Find out more about this project on hearth&vine.

If you look closely at this wreath, you may notice something strange, as if it looks familiar but in a totally different way. It’s because this started out as a simple silver tray. Using a paintbrush, the bottom of the tray was coated in chalkboard paint. The rim was cleaned and polished with a sponge and half of it was decorated with faux leaves in the colors of the fall. The ribbon was the finishing touch. If you’d like to find out more details about the project, check out Averageinspired.

Depending on your perception, the five orange swirls on this black and white wreath can either be flowers or pumpkins. The second option is best-suited for Halloween in which case you can also add the tiny “boo” garland featured on Marymarthamama. The project as a whole is very simple. All you need is a foam wreath, some black and white fabric or ribbon, a bit of felt (white, black and orange), some black yarn and a hot glue gun.

Yes, we know not everyone had stacks of wood slices just lying around but they’re not that difficult to come by if you know where to look. You can even cut them yourself if you have the necessary tools and then you can make all sorts of cool things like this wreath that was featured on Twelveonmain. Arrange them in the form of a circle and form two layers. This will be the base for your wreath. Once you have this you can just add the finishing touches like a burlap bow and some faux foliage and your new wreath is ready to be put on display.

Burlap is another great resource, perfect if you want to make a chic fall wreath with a little bit of rustic charm. It can look chic and modern too. The trick is to keep the design neat and simple. Take a foam wreath and wrap it in burlap, then cover half of it with fall-inspired yarn. Glue some burlap flowers onto the yarn-covered part and add some feathers in between them to fill out the gaps. You can also put some twigs under the flowers and cover them with a small doily, just as suggested on Consumercrafts.

A lot of great fall projects start with the simple grapevine wreath. It’s the perfect base for a lot of designs and styles. One option is to leave most of it bare and to only decorate a small section with foliage, branches, a tiny pumpkin and a pair of pine cones. The design is simple, neutral and suitable for a lot of spaces, decors and settings. If you like it, have a look at the full description of the project which is offered on Angelamariemade.

Another cool grapevine wreath design idea comes from Myblessedlife. There’s not much to it really and you can figure out all the details just by looking at this photo. The wreath is simply decorated with a few peacock feathers. You can be creative and improvise if you want to use a different type of feathers or something else entirely.

If you’re not necessarily the traditional type you could decorate your home or office with something like this: a combination between a framed chalkboard and a minimalist berry wreath. We found this design on Lilacsandlonghorns and we find it perfect for the front door or the entryway.

This is not a wreath per se although it can easily pass as one. It’s in fact a shallow wicker basket which repurposed as a base for a beautiful fall wreath. A bunch of small faux flowers are gathered in a bunch at the bottom and the word “thankful” was painted onto the surface of the basket. You can customize your basket wreath however you want and the project from Twelveonmain can be your source of inspiration.

Finally, here we are with yet another fall design based on the classic grapevine wreath. This time the ornaments are small but scattered all across the wreath. They’re a combination of small pinecones and felted acorns. To make the latter you need acorn caps, needle felting wool in different colors, white roving, a felting needle and a hot glue gun. {found on maidenmag}.

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