20 Best Patterns For Nursery Wallpaper

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Ahh babies. They are such wonderful and stress-inducing things. As a new parent, there are so many decisions to make for your little one. Parenting, safety, health, it’s all on you. So when you’re trying to decide which car seat is best and whether to make your own baby food or not, preparing the nursery should be fun, not frustrating. But a nursery can become a difficult thing to decorate when you take into account all the theme options plus the patterns and colors you’re probably already accumulating with the baby blankets and stuffed animals. How do you sift through all of these to create a space that reflects your style in a fun and friendly way? Time to start looking at wallpaper. Choosing your favorite wallpaper for the nursery will giving you a starting point on color and pattern and it can help you narrow down what you’d like your theme to be. Considering how many wallpaper options there are out there, it all comes down to your budget. Take a look at these 20 best patterns for nursery wallpaper.

Some think that neutral is best in the nursery so your baby won’t be overstimulated when it’s time for bed. But that doesn’t cut you out of the wallpaper game. This soft moon wallpaper is the perfect addition to give your nursery a little extra something while you stay in that neutral color palette.

Scandinavian is a great option for a styled nursery since it revolves around finding the coziness in neutral tones and minimal decor. Set the stage with a pretty two tone patterned wallpaper. You’ll discover that even a single wall of wallpaper fulfills the desire for pattern, giving you the option for plain bedding, rugs and other accents.

Looking for a little more glamour for your nursery? Don’t be afraid to ditch the two tone for something multi colored. This geometric pattern is fun for a boy’s nursery and promises to grow with your child. Since blue and brown are basically neutral shades, you’ll have no trouble redecorating around them when it’s time for something a little more grown up.

While we’re talking about glamour, everyone knows that the easiest way to add glamour to your home is to add gold in some form. But is gold too tacky for a little one’s nursery? Absolutely not! Shoot for a stars theme to open the avenues of dramatic navy blues and glittering gold stars that will encourage your child to dream bigger.

In a little girl’s nursery, space probably isn’t your first choice for a wallpaper pattern. Never fear, flowers are here. Look for a wallpaper that makes your wall look like it’s straight out of a Dutch Golden Age painting and you’ll add all the girly glamour you’ll ever need. You might even want to add a wall in your own bedroom.

Bold dark florals aren’t the only options for putting big blooms on your nursery wall. You can also find them in light shades of pink and green, keeping your nursery sweet and fresh. Which one you choose probably depends on the lighting of the space because you don’t want your nursery feeling like a closet.

Pink is an obvious choice when it comes to decorating a nursery for a little princess. But there is a difference between baby pink and blush pink. Blush leans toward beige which makes it a better color for growing into. Cover your nursery in pink forest wallpaper to give the space a feeling of a cotton candy forest.

Winnie the Pooh and Peter Rabbit are classic themes for a nursery… but who has seen a flamingo themed nursery? Well, now you have. This wallpaper is such fun for a little girl’s space and since it boasts light bright colors, you can cover all the walls without making the nursery feel dreary. Because who could be dreary with flamingo walls?

How do you choose a wallpaper when you don’t know the gender of your baby? Since you probably don’t want a bright yellow wall, go blue. When your pattern is something like the birds above, it won’t matter whether you bring a boy or a girl home. They will fit right into a bright nursery like this.

Some parents prefer to have their nursery match the rest of their home. But when you have a rustic industrial space, you don’t really want to fill your nursery with wrought iron. Instead, give your wall a makeover with a wood wallpaper. This fun pattern will give your baby boy something fun to look at while he’s young and inspire him to love nature when he’s older.

So you love shiplap but you don’t want to spend the money or the time to install it in your nursery. We understand. Instead, install a wallpaper that looks like a vintage shiplap wall. Not only will it give you that longed for pattern, it will add that weathered texture you can’t get from brand new boards.

Wallpaper can be quite expensive sometimes which is especially sad when your favorite won’t fit in the budget. But there is a way to bake your cake and eat it too. Put a chair rail in your nursery and only install your wallpaper on the top half. It will cut back on what you need to buy while basically solving all your artwork problems.

Congrats on your twins! How on earth are you going to decorate for a boy and a girl? The answer lies in the wallpaper. Choosing something like jungle leaves will give you a fun theme to follow while keeping the nursery from leaning too far towards a boy space or a girl space. Perfect for your two little monkeys to grow up in.

When your wallpaper replaces your wall art, it’s pretty important to choose a wallpaper with a bit of depth. Look for a pattern that has a sheen to it. The pearly shine of these butterflies is just too beautiful to cover up with frames and that’s exactly the effect you want in your own nursery.

A bohemian nursery might be the most difficult to decorate due to the sheer amount of options available. Do you go for a patterned wallpaper or focus on texture? Do you get your color from the pattern or from the room’s accents? May we suggest a wildflower wallpaper that will draw the eyes to the bigger aspects of the room.

If wildflower wallpaper is too busy for your eyes, stick on the botanical track but search within your color scheme. When your nursery leans towards blue, find that perfect blue botanical wallpaper. If you prefer green, go for the green leaves. Your child will love growing up in a room that feels like an extension from the forest out the window.

So many of those baby essentials already have patterns aplenty. When you’ve accumulated so much, choosing a wallpaper might just be a desperate attempt to tie it all together. When you pick a wallpaper that incorporates several patterns itself, suddenly your nursery will look pulled together. Just hide the bright yellow blankets.

When you really do love Winnie the Pooh or Peter Rabbit, it can be tough to keep your nursery in the neutral zone with favorite themed accents instead of going for the all out Pooh wallpaper. Opt for a beige plaid wallpaper that will show off your themed accents with vigor but won’t be an element you have to change when they’ve grown out of Peter Rabbit.

Looking for a wallpaper that’s patterned and soft at the same time? Search through the watercolors. A wall of watercolors will bring that perfect combination of soft decor to your nursery where patterns with hard lines will seem too harsh on the eyes.

Don’t forget as you design your nursery, you will be the one that is most in there in those early days. So choose the wallpaper pattern you like the most. Drive for your favorite theme and color scheme. No one will appreciate it more than you when you’re rocking a little one at three in the morning.

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