20+ Christmas Stocking DIYs You Should Try Before It’s Too Late

It’s unclear how the first Christmas stockings came to be as there are no written records mentioning their origins. Traditionally, Santa Claus left presents for children in these stockings which were usually hung above the fireplace. With time, presents got bigger and started being showcased under the Christmas tree while the stockings became simple decorations. Today the role of Christmas stockings is not unique or well-defined. Some use them as ornaments while others like to keep the tradition alive and to fill them with goodies on Christmas Eve or a week before. We found some cute DIY projects that would be inspiring in both cases.

Before anything else, we just want to share with you this extremely cute stocking that has an adorable kitty inside of it. Both the stocking and the cat are knitted which makes this project a pretty tricky one. Still, learning how to knit or how to use a crochet hook is fairly simple so there might be enough time to do so before Christmas. If you already have the knowledge and experience, all that’s left to do is follow the instructions shared on allaboutami.

Let’s now move on and check out some more accessible Christmas stocking projects, like the one markmontano. For this craft you require some faux fur, patterned upholstery fabric, some pom-pom trim, clothespins and E-6000 Fabri-Fuse and Fray Lock. The instructions are simple and you can even figure everything out by yourself without any help. Keep in mind that every project can be personalized.

An even easier idea would be to buy some ready-made stockings and to personalize them with iron-on embroidered letters. All you need is the stockings, the letters and an iron (or a hot glue gun, depending on the material that the stocking are made of). We like this project not only because it’s quick and easy but also because the letters don’t overwhelm the stockings and give them a chic and graphical look. {found on studiodiy}

You can make Christmas stocking out of an old sweater. It’s a great way to upcycle old clothing and to make beautiful Christmas decorations out of them. Trace the shape on the sweater, cut out the pieces and then sew them together. At the end you can add a few yarn pom-poms for a touch of contrasting color. Check out pmqfortwo to find out how to craft them.

It can be interesting to mix two or more materials or types of fabric when crafting Christmas stockings. Fur and flannel, for example, can make a nice combo. Check out this detailed tutorial featured on thegirlinspired to find out more about the project. You can also find some inspiring pattern combinations and an idea of how to pick the colors and the decorations for the stockings.

Canvas or burlap are both fitting options for Christmas stockings, especially if you prefer a simplified design with a little bit of rustic appeal. Check out the tutorial we found on savedbylovecreations. These stocking are made out of tea towel cloth and they’re decorated with twine, lace and monogrammed tags. Feel free to pick any color or colors you want and to customize the stockings with any ornaments you prefer.

In case you’re having trouble figuring out exactly what it takes to make a Christmas stocking out of fabric, there’s a simple tutorial for that on chickenscratchny which explains all the basics. The gist is that after you cut two felt pieces in the shape of a sticking, you stitch them together along with some burlap for the cuff and then you flip over the stocking. It’s that easy.

In some cases you don’t even have to sew the stockings. There’s actually a tutorial on susieharrisblog which shows a super easy alternative method. The base idea is that you can use glue to make the stockings instead of sewing the pieces together. You can also use glue to secure the decorations on the cuffs or to add tags and other details. We like the vintage look that burlap gives these stockings.

In case you decide to combine two colors when making this year’s Christmas stockings, perhaps you’d like to make the main stocking piece out of one color and then make the heel, toe and cuff in a different color. It will look cute. For the cuff, the tutorial on polkadotchair suggests stitching a name using thread. Alternatively, you can iron the letters on or you can paint them on with a pen.

There are tons of ways in which you can customize a simple felt stocking. For instance, you can mix and match various colors or you can add pom-poms or polka dots on the stocking once it starts to take shape. Maybe you’d also like to add some trim to the design as well. Another idea is to add name tags. In any case, you can find out more about these ideas and several others from barefeetonthedashboard.

The snowflake Christmas stocking featured on newtoncustominteriors is really cute, with all the different colors and that lovely button tag. The great thing about it is that there’s no need to sew the pieces together because you can use glue instead. Here’s all you need for the project: white felt, lining material, small pieces of felt in different colors, trim, ribbon, a button, a wooden letter, thread and fabric glue.

The snowflakes are definitely cute but there are lots of other options to choose from as well. You can find a few inspiring ideas in this sense on homemadeginger. The Christmas stockings featured here are customized with flowers, stars, little birds on twigs and tiny trees. All these little details are made of colored felt.

Instead of birds and flowers, you can personalize Christmas stockings with names. You’ll need felt in at least two different colors, scissors, fusible web, an iron, a sewing machine and a printer. The first step is to print out the name. Pick a font that you like and make sure the size is right. Trace it on fusible web and cut out the stocking pieces. Check out the tutorial on schoolofdecorating to find out all the other details.

It’s not just the decorations that can make a Christmas stocking look special. The stocking itself can be the interesting element. Let’s say you give it an unusual shape or you make it out of some fabric with a really cool pattern. That can make any additional decorations unnecessary. We found an interesting idea regarding this subject on blondedesign. There’s a tutorial here showing how to make elf stockings.

how about some Christmas stockings with a more theatrical look. The ones featured on positivelysplendid seem to be just right. If you want to craft something similar, use medium to heavy-weight fabric for the outside and lightweight lining fabric for the inside. You’ll also need an assortment of fabric pieces with various patterns, some spray adhesive, thread, sewing supplies and cotton batting.

Ruffles can look nice on Christmas stockings too. The project featured on fabricmill proves it. They’re made using ruffle fabric, flannel (for the lining) and matching thread. It’s a pretty easy project and the ruffle fabric does its job perfectly as long as you sew it right. The trick is to check constantly if the direction is right.

A pair of old jeans can be turned into some awesome Christmas stockings. Use the pocket sections to give the stockings extra pockets and more room for presents and goodies. In case you need some help getting started you can check out the tutorial on this subject which we found on nebraskaviews. It’s pretty straight0forward and quite helpful.

Have you seen these weaved burlap stockings? They look very charming so, naturally, we were curious how they were made. The tutorial from cherishedbliss explains it all. The supplies required to make something like this include burlap, fusible interfacing, fabric (for the cuff), twine, a stocking pattern and a sewing machine. Start bu cutting the burlap into long strips and weaving it into squares.

We like Christmas stockings that feature a cute pattern like polka dots and which have cuffs of a different color or pattern. These simple ones featured on diaryofaquilter look very cute and, as you’ll find out from the tutorial, they’re pretty easy to make too. With a little bit of attention to the details you should be able to make something just as lovely for you and your loved ones.

If you have the patience to make a patchwork stocking you should definitely go for it. Be advised: it will take a while and it might not turn so great in the end if you get impatient and skip the details. Here’s what you need: white muslin fabric, batting, embroidery thread, a stocking template and a bunch of fabric pieces in different colors and patterns. We’ll skip the instructions and we’ll let you check the tutorial offered on purlsoho if you’re interested.

Next on our list is a set of cuddly and cozy-cooling Christmas stockings made of drop cloth. We found them on cherishedbliss and we find them super cute. They’re made of drop cloth using a stocking template, cotton piping, twine, a hot glue gun and a sewing machine. You can decorate your stockings however you want. These tiny bells and greenery clippings look quite chic here.

Another idea that we really love is to mix and match different types of fabric with different textures, patterns and colors and to let them each contribute to the uniqueness of each stocking. There’s something on npdodge which pretty much suggests the same thing. These stocking are made using different types of fabric for the lining, the base, the toe, the cuff and the accessories. There’s a little bit of fur in there too.

Crafting the stockings is only the first step. Once you have them, you need to find a suitable way to display them. In this sense, we found a tutorial for a stocking holder on beckiadams. It uses two wooden legs (from an old table) some stacked wooden circles and a metal rod.

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