25 Adorable Easter Wreath Ideas We Can’t Wait For You To Try

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Can you guess what time it is? That’s right, it’s time to start preparing for Easter and that means we get to share all these wonderful and cute projects with you. We’re super excited to start with these amazing easter wreaths and to show you all the adorable ways in which they can make your home look beautiful so let us not waste time and just jump into it.

First we have this adorable easter wreath from thecraftblog that’s actually surprisingly easy to make. Just look at that fluffy tail, how can you resist this project? The supplies you’re going to need for this include a foam or polyester wreath, colorful ribbons (pastel colors look very nice here), some felt in coordinating colors, white wool, embroidery thread and a pom-pom maker.

Want something cute but not colorful? Check out this lovely bunny wreath from sustainmycrafthabit. It’s still adorable but in a more grown-up kind of way and has a design inspired by the Scandinavian style that’s so popular right now. To make this wreath you’re going to need some scrap fabric for the bunny ears, flexible floral wire, a glue gun, a grapevine wreath and some burlap ribbon for the bow.

An easter egg wreath is also a lovely option and the design featured on apumpkinandaprincess has a refreshing spring-inspired vibe that gives it extra charm. If you like the idea, here’s what you need in order to craft something similar: a grapevine wreath, some moss, painted eggs (the faux kind, obviously), flower stems, some fabric or ribbon for the bow and a hot glue gun.

Here’s another spring-inspired easter wreath, this time with a design that includes a little bit of everything. The supplies needed for this project include ribbon, bird-shaped wooden tags (if you can’t find any, you can cut out some cute birds out of cardboard), polyester eggs, a vine wreath, decorative moss, jute twine, acrylic paint, dye ink and flower heads. You’ll also need a glue gun. If you need more details, check out thecraftsworld.

This rainbow easter egg wreath looks amazing too, especially with those leaves sticking out. the eggs are actually wrapped in colored crepe paper and that’s a cool way to avoid painting them while also giving your wreath more texture. In addition to the different-colored crepe papers, you’re also going to need paper mache eggs (or polyester eggs), a wire wreath frame, tissue paper, floral wire and a hot glue gun if you plan on crafting this wreath. Check out thehousethatlarsbuilt for more details.

Flower wreaths are super cute too and they’re actually a perfect way to celebrate spring. Check out this sweet wreath from thecraftblog. Each paper flower has a chocolate treat at the center. If you want to make your own beautiful flower wreath you’re going to need colored cardstock, double-sided tape, ribbon, a circle punch and individually-wrapped treats.

Have you seen these huge carrots? They’re so big but they’re also so funny and cute which makes them perfect for a custom easter wreath that you can hang on your front door. You can find all the details of the project on paintyourselfasmile but let’s go over the supplies really quick. To make these these gigantic carrots you’re going to need 2” thick foam insulation board, acrylic paint, wire, green tulle, green net ribbon and a hot glue gun. If you want to add the banner too, you’ll also need some burlap, acrylic paint, pins and spray glue.

You can’t even see the wreath form that holds everything together in this design and that’s actually pretty cool. This is a project shared on thenavagepatch and if you like you can make your own version using foam easter eggs in different sizes and colors, moss and a wreath form. Don’t forget your glue gun.

This easter decoration featured on consumercrafts would sure look nice as a wreath but you can also display it on a wall or on the mantel. It’s made using the following: wooden eggs, a wooden frame, small screw-in eye hooks, silver glitter alphabet letters, yellow ribbon and acrylic craft paint in various colors.

Since this is an easter wreath, a cute little bunny would fit right in. The design from lilluna is just what we had in mind. Make your own version of this adorable wreath using yarn, white felt, embroidery thread, fabric scraps, twine, jute and mini easter eggs. You’ll also need a wreath form. The design is full of cheer and color and when you break it down it’s also pretty simple.

Speaking of cute easter bunnies, what would you say about a wreath shaped like a bunny? Check out this lovely boxwood wreath featured on madewithhappy if you feel like you need inspiration. It’s super easy to make and you can hang it on the front door or on a wall as a way to welcome spring and to add color to the decor.

These speckled eggs look super cute and you probably won’t find any at the store so just have fun painting them yourself. Get some plastic eggs, the kind that split in half, place them on a painting board and apply a coat of primer, then paint half of them light blue and the other half cream. Take a paintbrush dipped in brown paint and just flick it over the painted eggs to give them those nice speckles. You’ll be able to make a lovely easter egg wreath in no time. You can find more details about this project on thecsiproject.

Here’s another cool-looking easter wreath, this time covered entirely in gold leaf speckled eggs. If you like the design, check out consumercrafts to find out all the details. The short version is that you’re going to need a 12” wreath form, a bunch of paper mache eggs (48 were needed here), gold leaf, acrylic paint in various colors, mod podge, a foam brush, a small paint brush and a hot glue gun.

You can use plastic eggs to update any old wreath and turn it into a cute easter decoration. For example, decorate some eggs with ribbon and then glue them in a ring around the inner section of a flower wreath. You can do this with other types of wreaths too. Just be creative and check out designimprovised if you need inspiration.

Not all wreaths have to be round. In fact, we really like this oval one from athomewiththebarkers.  It’s a simple grapevine wreath decorated with spring and easter-inspired things like moss, a cute little bird’s nest with eggs inside and a pressed board letter which lets you customize the design in a simple and stylish way.

You can make an awesome easter wreath using items you can find at the local dollar store or he supermarket, things like deco mesh, wire ribbon, pipe cleaners and faux eggs. Mix and match a bunch of colors to give your wreath a full and fun look. You’ll also need a wire wreath form. For more details and inspiration, check out 100things2do.

The easter wreath featured on yourcozyhome is one of our favorites. We love the simplicity of the design, the colors, textures and the fact the wreath is so fresh and vibrant yet so calming and charming. The most important element is the basket. It has to be wide and to have a round bottom and it really helps if it’s made of natural materials too. In addition to that, if you want to make a similar wreath you’re going to need a bag of green moss, a small bird’s nest decoration, a few faux eggs, pussy willow branches and a small bird ornament.

You can also find a a cool-looking easter wreath design on kenarry. It’s a burlap wreath with embellishments: painted eggs, carrots and ribbon and a cute “welcome easter” sign at the center that looks like a bunny’s fluffy bottom. You can actually customize this design based on what type of ornaments you can find…or make some yourself.


These colorful bunnies look cute and delicious, even the upside-down ones. This is an easter wreath made of Peeps® Bunnies attached to a styrofoam wreath using toothpicks. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be bunnies but this is a nice touch if you’re planning an easter-themed decor. Find out how it’s all done on triedandtrueblog.

A cool way to make a simple grapevine wreath look awesome is by spray-painting it. That’s an idea that we got from ahomefordesign. The wreath alone looks pretty great on itself and those ornaments really bring out the beautiful colors. You can add a variety of different ornaments but out suggestion is to keep things simple and that includes the color palette.

These easter eggs are pretty special and they look lovely when put together in the shape of a wreath. You can make eggs like these using colored yarn, balloons and a mixture of flour and liquid starch. You can use the same technique to create cool-looking pendant lamps and lampshades. You can find more detailed instructions on wineandglue.

Next up, another cute bunny-shaped easter wreath made of leftover pieces of fabric. The project is featured on giggleberrycreations. You can create the frame for this wreath out of wire hangers. Just bend the wire into the shape of a bunny and then tie pieces of scrap fabric until you cover the whole surface.

Instead of a wreath you can also use a picture frame. Decorate it with painted eggs and other ornaments and hang it on the front like you would any other easter wreath. You can leave the frame as it is or paint it, depending on what type of look you’re going for. Check out flamingotoes for details.

Another cool option is to use a large embroidery hoop as your wreath form. The idea comes from runtoradiance and is very chic and stylish. In addition to the hoop this project also requires a bunch of foam easter eggs, some moss, ribbon and a hot glue gun.

The last project on today’s list comes from consumercrafts and show you how to make an easter wreath that looks like a cute egg basket. You need two grapevine wreaths, a mossy twig vine garland, moss, ribbon, eggs, floral wire, chalk paint in various colors and craft paint for the speckles.

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