26 Adorable Easter Decoration Ideas You Can Craft Yourself

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Wondering what else could make this Easter special, besides those cute little colored eggs and the wreath on your front door? The answer is simple: more beautiful Easter decorations. Luckily, we’re prepared so get ready to check out our latest collection of Easter decor ideas and to find the one that best resonates with you and your home. There’s something in here for everyone.

Festive mantel decorations

The fireplace mantel is always a great place to start whenever you’re decorating the house for a special event. Since it’s Easter, we suggest bunnies because they’re just so cute everyone loves them. Also, a wreath might look nice if you hang it on the wall, like a backdrop decoration.

You could also complement your mantel decorations with a few other pieces which you can gather up and place on a tray on your coffee table or spread around the house on shelves and cabinets. You can find some really lovely ideas on thefancyshack which might inspire you.

Easter table design

Planning a nice family dinner? You should also plan an Easter-themed table decor where you can include things like sculptures, vases, small planters, candles, painted eggs and other items. Pick a color palette and go with it. The pastel combo featured on one-thousandoaks is pretty trendy this year.

Bunny tail table runner

Simple table runners made of burlap are actually a great choice for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that they’re easy to make and to customize. Just look how adorable these little felt bunnies are. Their bright colors pop and those fluffy tails are just wonderful. Check out thecountrychiccottage to find out how to make them.

Easter egg nest

Since painted eggs are such an important Easter symbol, you can give them a prominent role and display them proudly in the middle of the table. Instead of just putting them in a bowl, perhaps you’d like to smake a nest. You can find helpful instructions for that on getcreativejuice.

Mason jar sweets

If you like sweets or if you want to be prepared to offer some to your guests, you might as well keep them in a nice container. We suggest using a simple Mason jar. Fill it with candy or other treats, put the lid on and then decorate the jar with some tissue paper, burlap or fabric, some twine and a tag. Find out more about this project on cleanandsentsible.

A cute bunny vase

This is also a great time to celebrate spring so maybe you’d like to go out and get some seasonal flowers which you can display in a lovely Easter bunny vase. You can actually make the vase yourself by simply repurposing a Mason jar. Paint the jar white, wrap some twine around the mouth and paint the cute bunny face on. The idea comes from weekendcraft.

Bunny treat jars

Here’s another cute idea for custom treat jars which you can decorate yourself. The idea is super simple. You take a Mason jar, you remove the labels and then you put a bunny-shaped sticker on it. You paint the jar and then you remove the sticker. Fill the jar with treats, put the lid on and add some lace trim or ribbon. Check out happinesshomemade for more details.

Basket table centerpiece

Putting together a table centerpiece is not that difficult, especially with so many nice things you can use such as seasonal flowers, branches, painted eggs, candles and cute Easter bunnies. You can have some of these items put in a basket or on a tray and display everything at the center of the dining table. You can find more inspiration on oursouthernhome.

Tiered centerpiece

If you feel like one tray isn’t enough for all the lovely Easter decorations you plan on displaying, how about two or three trays? You could make a tiered centerpiece which you can customize in all sorts of cool and interesting ways. you can include easter-themed ornaments as well as painted eggs and seasonal plants and flowers.  Check out lizmarieblog for more lovely ideas.

Tiered galvanized centerpiece with spring accents

This galvanized tiered tray centerpiece has a lot of character, combining symbols and elements associated both with Easter and with spring. You can create your own collection of ornaments which you’d like to display and it can include things like seasonal flowers in jars, painted eggs, cute bunny toys and treats. Check out priscillas2000 if you need more inspiration.

Easter egg tree

You can use painted eggs in a lot of creative ways to create all sorts of fun projects, this awesome tree featured on peanutblossom included. As you can see, these eggs are very light and that’s because they’re empty. You have blow out the yolk and then you can decorate each egg with washi tape, ribbon or paint. You can then use glue to attach a piece of twine or ribbon so you can hang them. You can either use real tree branches or a few silk flowers.

Jelly bean topiary decorations

The first impression is that these things are huge but then you realise those are not painted Easter eggs but actually jelly beans so they’re in fact quite small. Making a jelly bean topiary is fairly easy. Once you have all the materials needed, putting them together is fun and enjoyable plus you get to work with jelly beans and that’s awesome. Check out the details of this project on craftysisters.

Framed Easter sign

Chances are you can probably find an old, unused picture frame somewhere around the house and that’s great because you can use it to make a nice Happy Easter sign which you can display on your front door or on a wall. The project is described on consumercrafts and involves a few simple supplies such as wooden eggs, screw-in eye hooks, alphabet stickers, ribbon and acrylic craft paint.

Egg-shaped candles

Some easter-themed decorations are eye-catching and some are simple and more subtle, like these stylish egg-shaped candles. They look very beautiful with those concrete bases and you can actually make your own versions using plastic eggs as molds. everything is described in detail on lilyardor.

Framed Easter egg bird’s nest

You can also use an old picture frame to make one of these lovely bird’s nest decorations. The nest goes at the center and you can paint the back panel or cover it with fabric or paper to make it look nice. Put some moss, a few flowers and some painted eggs in the nest and you’re ready to put your new creation on display. Find out more details about this craft on decoart.

Miniature tree decorated with Easter eggs

If you like the idea of an Easter egg tree, check out this cute design from thehousethatlarsbuilt. It shows just how easy it is to make something like this. You need a tree branch with a nice and full look, a vase, a bunch of eggs, paint in different colors, ribbon and glue. You can also dye the eggs without using paint but natural ingredients such as red onion, red cabbage, blueberries, blackberries and turmeric.

Cute Easter bunny napkin decorations

If you’re planning a casual Easter decor, your table setting should be customized accordingly so you might want to forget about those elegant napkin rings and try something adorable instead, like these little bunny cut-outs featured on elsarblog which you can casually tie onto the napkins with a piece of twine.

Wooden centerpiece with eggs

Instead of casually squeezing painted eggs here and there, how about making them the star of the dining table setup? One idea is to make a centerpiece similar to the one featured on awonderfulthought. It’s a long, solid piece of wood with a bunch of holes at the top big enough to each hold one egg.

Egg shell mini planters

Here’s another cute idea involving eggs (well, this time it’s only the shells that are used): a tiny planter centerpiece. It’s not necessarily an Easter decoration but mainly a spring project. To make it you need a log, a drill, empty egg shells, a bit of soil and cress seeds. You can also use egg shells to plant tiny flowers which you later transfer into a bigger pot. This cool idea comes from vickymyerscreations.

Reclaimed wood bunny sign

This bunny sign is absolutely perfect for the porch although you could also display it in the corner of your living room or dining room and it would look just as beautiful. To make a bunny sign you need the following: reclaimed wood boards, plywood, a saw, wood glue, white paint, stain, sandpaper and a bunny template (plus another one for the feet). You can find a detailed tutorial on myrecipeconfessions.

Reclaimed wood egg sign

This is basically the same project as before except you’ll need an egg template instead of a bunny one. Paint or stain each piece of wood in a different nuance and give your egg a cute look by mixing and matching different colors and patterns. This is a great opportunity to get creative and to explore your artistic side. As before, you can find more details on myrecipeconfessions.

DIY custom Easter sign

Take the joy of celebrating Easter outside and display custom, handmade decorations such as this cute bunny crossing sign which would look lovely in any yard or garden. This is something that you can make out of some leftover wood pieces and some paint. Be sure to check out confessionsofaserialdoityourselfer to find out all about it.

Fluffy bunny pots

These little curious bunny pots would make lovely decorations for your shelves or the dining table, and just in time for Easter. To make these you need small pots, fake greenery, pom-poms for the bunnies, a glue gun, pink felt for the bunny feet and small treats to put inside the pots. Find the instructions on southerninlaw.

An Easter terrarium

This is an idea that has so much potential, a project which can be customized in an infinite number of ways. The inspiration comes from hometalk and that particular version has plenty of rustic charm. You can adapt and personalize the design based on the supplies available as well your own original ideas. You can then display your decorations on the mantel, on a shelf or turn into a table centerpiece. Either way, this will be a fun and rewarding project.

Chalkboard Easter sign with bunny bunting

We love chalkboards because they’re just so easy to customize and to turn into festive or seasonal decorations by simply writing or drawing something suggestive on them and adding a few little details such as in this case cute Easter bunny bunting made out of white paper, twine and pink pom-poms. Feel free to use your own ideas. You can check out cleanandscentsible to find out more details about this little project.

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