What are some good volunteering opportunities in Kansas City?

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So, I am currently out of a job, and while I’m looking to fix that, I also have a whole lot of spare time, and hanging out at home all day gets old fast. I figure that volunteering would be a good way to get out, meet people, and do some good (and in the interest of full disclosure, being able to put volunteering on my resume may help get me back into a job sooner than later).

I’ve found a website that lists volunteering opportunities, but I’m a little cautious of just joining up with whatever I find online, yanno? Not really into volunteering with human trafficking. So, I thought I’d post here and get prospective from other people.

My only real hard no is going to be working in hospices/working with people who are dying. I absolutely admire and respect everyone who can do that kind of work, but I know that I am not cut out for something that emotionally draining. I would also prefer something that doesn’t involve a lot of standing for long periods of time. I fucked up my back pretty good last May, and it took a month of meds and physical therapy to be able to sit up, so. Long periods of standing is going to be difficult.

Other than that, I’m pretty open. Thanks, guys!

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