Cheap DIY Halloween Decorations With Creepy-Cute Appeal

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As soon as the leaves start to fall and the weather gets cold we know it’s just a matter of time before we’ll be carving pumpkins and hanging scary Halloween decorations. So far we managed to more or less hide our enthusiasm about Halloween preparations and now it’s finally time to reveal all the wonderful DIY decoration ideas that we gathered since last year. As usual, we like to focus on simple and cheap Halloween decorations, the kind that anyone can make.

It’s not Halloween until you get to decorate a pumpkin and there are a ton of cool ways in which to do that. Some don’t even require carving. For example, you could make a festive confetti pumpkin. The secret here is to combine matte black spray paint and shiny metallic tape.

You can basically customize just about anything to give it a Halloween-inspired look, including wine stoppers/ corks. In fact, we have a lovely project that we’d like to share with you. These Jack-o-lantern wine stoppers look super cute and really spice up the Halloween party. You can make them out of plaster using a pumpkin mold. Don’t forget to paint the spooky faces on.

What’s Halloween without candy….and speaking of candy, wouldn’t it be cool to have a special clay pumpkin bowl for the occasion? You can easily make one yourself using a plain glass bowl as a mold and some air drying clay. You can paint it if you want to or you can leave it simple. It will look nice either way.

Since Halloween fun starts after dark, it would probably be a good idea to include some lanterns among your decorations. These spooky Halloween lanterns are super easy to make, provided that you already have some plain, rustic-looking lanterns. The idea is to decorate them with spooky vellum paper photos, tiny skulls and other things. Put battery-operated tea lights inside to keep things safe.

Themed accent pillows are always great decorations and we have a great idea for this year’s Halloween: make simple burlap pillowcases and draw spooky faces on them to make them look like Frankenstein’s monster, ghosts and other Halloween symbols. These burlap Halloween pillows are adorable and, best of all, super easy to make as well.

Terrariums are great decorations no matter what the occasion. If you already have a terrarium, it would be super easy to customize it a bit and make it Halloween-ready. All you’d need is some spooky plastic spiders or skeletons. Of course, you can also make everything from scratch. Check out our DIY spooky terrarium tutorial for more details.

The list continues with an easy and cheap Halloween decoration idea which involves candy corn. These are more than just delicious treats. They’re a great resource for all sorts of fun and original DIY Halloween decoration projects. You can make garlands, decorative frames and you can fill vases and bowls with candy corn to create an interesting display.

These last-minute Halloween coasters are super cute too and the best part is they’re very easy to make. Start with simple, wooden coasters. Take some Halloween scrapbooking paper and attach it to the coasters. Ideally, you’d have some Dimensional Magic film or a sticker making tool for this part but I guess you can use regular glue or Mod Podge too if you’re not worried about preserving these coasters for next year.

Isn’t this Halloween wire decoration just wonderful? It’s pretty easy to make too. You need a block of wood, decorative paper, some 20-24 gauge wire and pliers plus some other tools to help you shape the wire into any shape you want. The idea is to bend the wire and to write “halloween” with it and then to attach it to the decorated wood block.

Another super easy and cheap DIY halloween decoration is this hanging bat branch. All you need to make something like this is a branch, some black card stock, fishing line and two small screw hooks. You can print out a bat template or you can draw one yourself. Either way, this will look lovely. You can hang the branch anywhere you want.

If you have a jack-o-lantern silicone mold,  you can use it to make cute and original Halloween decorations like these pumpkin air plant holders. As already mentioned, you’ll need a silicone mold. In addition to that, you’ll also need plaster mix, water, a sculpting tool, orange paint and, of course, air plants or tiny faux succulents.

We’re not suggesting you throw out your bird just to make this bird cage Halloween chandelier but if you happen to have an old, unusual cage this would be the perfect opportunity to repurpose it. It’s an easy transformation for which you only need some black paint, a piece of wood, some greenery and candles.

These jack-o-lantern and cauldron candle holders are both spooky and cute and they’re easy to make too. The project starts with round glass candle holders (or bowls). You clean then and then you to cut out bits of tape for the eyes, nose and mouth of the pumpkin and you stick them on. After that you paint the bowl orange, you remove the tape and you outline the face with a sharpie. For the cauldron you don’t need tape, just black paint, some string and a hot glue gun.

If you’re not in the mood for anything too specific, a dramatic Halloween table setting could have the desired effect too. You could use a black tablecloth, black pplates, painted pumpkins, dried branches, moss and other gloomy-looking things.

Black can be a cool theme on itself when it comes to halloween decorations. Some black candles and matching candleholders could help create a spooky ambiance. You can craft some out of wooden furniture legs which you can paint black and you can use brass fittings to add a touch of glamor to the design.

Insects are fascinating and quite amazing but they’re also a bit creepy which is why they’re often included in Halloween decors. This DIY insect taxidermy project is pretty cool and not just for Halloween. No real insects were harmed in the process.

Looking for a quick and easy way to decorate an empty wall? Spider web is a great idea. All you need is some yarn, scissors and a bit of tape. You could use nails instead of tape but that would be more permanent. In any case, try not to damage your wall too much in the process. After all, Halloween spider webs are fun  and all but they only stay up for a little while.

Ghosts are spooky but not when they look as cute and as adorable as these ones. You can learn how to make your own adorable ghost piece by following the instructions featured on flamingotoes. You’ll need an embroidery hoop, some black fabric, some white and some gray fabric, fusible webbing, a transfer pen, embroidery floss, orange pom-pom trim, ribbon and a hot glue gun.

Another cool Halloween decor idea can be to decorate a wall with spooky silhouettes and other themed elements such as skull garlands or Halloween posters. You can make a gallery wall for the entryway, living room or dining area. For more details and instructions, check out fun365.orientaltrading.

Decorating a Halloween wreath doesn’t really get any easier than this. This mummy wreath is easy and also pretty fun to make. You need a bit of black tape, cheesecloth, blue and googly eyes plus, of course, a wreath form. It’s all described on prettyprovidence.

Paper crafts are our favorites. There’s a lot you can do with paper or cardboard, including some awesome wall decorations. For Halloween, you could cover a wall with bats. They’re easy to make. You need stencils, black paper or card stock and scissors. You can use double-sided tape to display the bats without damaging the wall. Check out dreamingindiy for more creative ideas.

Balloons are great no matter what occasion you’re decorating for but for Halloween we have a special idea that you’ll probably like as much as we do: glowing ghost balloons. To make them glow just snap one or two green light sticks and insert them in a balloon, then inflate the balloon. Draw a face on it and that’s all. This ingenious ideas comes from marthastewart.

There’s actually more than one way to make a spider web and more than one way to display it. For example, you could frame it and that could look cute but you could also make a huge spider web as big as an entire wall. If you need details, check out madeeveryday for instructions.

If you want to try something different this year and to distance yourself from the usual pumpkins, skulls, spider webs and other things, try these funny pool noddle witch legs featured on eastcoastmommyblog. It’s definitely quite special.

This projects combines two strong Halloween symbols: candy and ghosts. Making a pinata is actually easier than you think. According to the tutorial from makeandtell, you need a paper lantern, crepe paper, double-sided tape, sticky tape, white paper and lots of candy.

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