David Glass is lying to the Royals fan base

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David Glass claims that the royals had lost 70 million in 2016-2017. First off, it’s not a new thing. Here he is in 2012 saying he isn’t making shit.

If the man is barely breaking even at best since he bought the team in 2000, how is it still in his ownership? Well, the simple answer is that he is lying. This article dives into that subject well..

At what point are we as fans going to stop dealing with the Glass family runaround. I’m so sick of dealing with this cheap bastard. “The Royals just won a series tho”. Yeah, and with one of the worst farm teams in baseball and a cheap owner, we are poised for another 30 year drought.

I love my Royals, but I really thought we turned a corner when we won. And to see us regress back to our previous stage makes me want to quit watching baseball all together. This shit is ridiculous.

Edit: on another note, if the team is consistently not making money or barely breaking even, then why has the value of the team gone up from $96 million in 2000 to $1.015 billion today.

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