DIY Spring Wreath Ideas That Are Super Easy To Make

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Spring is a very exciting season that brings with it lots of energy and freshness and a great way to express all of that is through custom decorations that you can hang around your home. In that regard, we suggest a DIY spring wreath which you can customize and decorate in an infinite number of ways and even turn into a lovely Easter wreath by adding a few themed elements. Let’s have a look at a few inspiring ideas right now.

Since this is a spring wreath after all, an obvious choice would be to decorate it with plenty of fresh greenery. Start with a simple grapevine wreath and add a bunch of leaves and branches as well as some seasonal flowers, enough to decorate one half of the wreath leaving the other half empty. Check out craftberrybush for more details.

You can avoid relying on any traditional kind of wreath and create something different and special. Instead of a typical grapevine wreath you can use a repurposed embroidery hoop. You can wrap colored yarn around it and then decorate it with a bunch of flowers. It’s a simple and chic design. For additional details head over to sisterswhat.

Using artificial flowers as decorations for your spring wreath is a great idea but if you’re planning to display the wreath outside or on your front door you should pick the flowers carefully. Look for faux flowers and greenery that look nice in natural sunlight and that can also last long outdoors. Ideally, they should be UV-resistant and their petals should have a smooth, paper0like texture. You can find additional tips and ideas on firstdayofhome if you’re interested.

When repurposing embroidery hoops into wreaths it can sometimes look nice if you leave them exposed. Wooden hoops can give your spring wreath a really nice and organic look. Add some burlap and a bit of greenery or some faux flowers to complete the look. Check out amylattacreations for more inspiration.

This is a really nice look for a spring wreath because the emphasis is on all the greenery, with the little white flowers being only little delicate accent details. If you want to craft something similar, start with a metal wire wreath frame and cover it with camo tape so it blends in with the greenery. You can find more details on thecraftygentleman.

You can decorate your wreath with all sorts of spring-inspired elements and it would be super fun to take a more creative approach and try something different than the usual. A cool idea could be to incorporate a little bird house decoration into your design. If it fits inside your wreath that’s perfect and ideally you should also have room for a few flowers, moss and other things around it. Check out madincrafts for more details.

The obvious way to add some color to a spring wreath is with flowers but it’s not the only option. For instance, you can also decorate the wreath with things like berries and fruits in general. Of course, the faux kind works best because they’re lightweight, last longer and easier to use altogether. Such a lovely wreath would look nice anywhere you put it. For more details and ideas feel free to check out craftberrybush.

The thing that makes this spring wreath look so amazing is definitely that bouquet of paper roses. What’s cool aboutthem is that they were hand-painted and that’s actually something you too could do. All you need is some bits of paper and a few different paints in different flowery colors. Don’t forget the green for the stems and the leaves. Mix and match the colors and make a bunch of roses in different shapes and sizes, then gather them all and arrange them together to make this beautiful wreath. In case you want more details, check out the full project on craftberrybush.

Peonies are also very beautiful and you can use a few stems to make a really lovely and bohemian-looking spring wreath. It’s actually quite simple. Start with a grapevine wreath. Cut the peony blossoms making sure to leave about 3” of the stem on each one, then push them through the wreath and secure them in place. When you’re happy with the arrangement, add some buds as well for a bit of contrast. Check out hearthandvine for extra details.

We really love the look of little wildflowers arranged in colorful bouquets. They look very fresh and spring-like and they’re a great source of inspiration if you want to make a spring wreath decoration. Go ahead and cover a grapevine wreath in faux flowers of different types and colors until you can no longer see the frame beneath them. You can find all the details and instructions on handmadeweekly.

This beautiful spring wreath is also decorated with beautiful flowers but a lot of the twig wreath itself remains visible which is a really nice design idea. A few peony flowers are gathered in a bunch together with some leaves and a lovely bow and that’s pretty much all there is to it. For this to work, you need a twig wreath that’s full and has a nice shape and look to start with. If you want more details, head over to makingtheworldcuter.

Tulips are another perfect choice when it comes to spring flowers and if you can find some artificial stems in different colors that would be excellent for your new DIY spring wreath. You can use them all to decorate a foam wreath form and you’re going to need a whole lot of satin ribbon. Of course, you can also use a grapevine wreath instead and adapt the project and design accordingly. Follow the instructions on thehowtomom.

A lavender wreath would also look exquisite. It’s an idea that comes from lovecreatecelebrate. The supplies used here include a wooden embroidery hoop, some faux lavender stems, glue and side cutters. This only takes about 10 minutes to make and look really lovely. You can add more flowers and greenery if you want to and even include other decorations as well. Simplicity however is often the best option.

This right here is a wreath that is best displayed outdoors. It’s made using some rather unconventional materials such as a metal tire hanger, a large foam wreath, faux moss, scrapbooking flowers and a bunch of decorations such as miniature figurines, fairy lights and even a tiny welcome sign. The entire project is described in detail createcraftlove so be sure to check it out.

Another cool idea is to cover a foam wreath in ombre-colored mesh to create a lovely and delicate effect. This one for example is reminiscent of a summer sky or the clear blue ocean. As you can see, this wreath is also decorated with a bunch of faux flowers and a wavy burlap ribbon. Also, since Easter and spring coincide, it could be fun to also add a cute little bunny ornament for this occasion. You can find more details about the project on bloominghomestead.

There are also plenty of cool ways to make a spring wreath that looks simple without also making it boring. A boxwood wreath for example would be an excellent option. A grapevine wreath, some wire, wire cutters, some faux greenery and artificial boxwood are all the supplies you’re going to need for this project. Check out daisymaebelle in case you want more details.

On a similar note, if you want to you can also add a bit of color to your boxwood wreath by decorating it with butterflies. You can make some simple paper butterflies yourself if you want to or you can purchase a few and just attach them to the stems making sure to spread them out nicely. You’ll end up with a beautiful wreath that you can display on your front door or anywhere else you want to. You can check out designimprovised for more details and inspiring ideas.

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