Get A Jump On The Inflatable Couch Trend For An Awesome Summer

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An inflatable couch, armchair, pouf or mattress can be super useful in a lot of different situations and settings. They’re great because you can take them with you when you’re going camping and they take up little space when you pack them. Sure, they’re pretty flimsy sometimes and they can get damaged easily but that’s a risk you have to take. These things are great for patios, poolside decks or even for interior spaces. Here are some of the options:

You may have seen similar inflatable balls in office spaces or even in homes. They’re a practical and fun alternative to the plain old chair or beanbag seat and they come in various sizes and colors. But if you feel that these accessories are not exactly good-looking you might be right and others have felt the same which is why Vluv came up with the idea of a fabric-covered inflatable pouf. It even comes with a handle.


You may have seen these air loungers before. It’s no wonder since they became so popular since their launch. They’ve even been copied by other manufacturers. The Lamzac lounger is  super practical and super comfy. It’s also really easy to inflate and then to deflate it. That makes it perfect for you if you like to travel and you want to be comfortable no matter where you go.

One of the disadvantages of inflatable sofas, chairs and other similar products is the fact that they lack proper support and are not always ergonomic. That’s because they also lack a frame. Well, most of them at least. There’s always that one thing that stands out from all the others and in this case it;s the Anda inflatable chair. It’s special because of the wooden frame which gives it support.

An inflatable couch can be pretty practical in a home, especially one that can also be turned into a bed, like the Intex sofa. Sure, this may not be the best option for an elegant living room but you can definitely put it in a guest room or use it as a temporary furniture piece.

In case a blow up couch is too big for your space or if you’re simply looking for an inflatable chair that can also turn into a bed, look no further because we found the perfect piece. It’s the chair matching the sofa we just showed you. You can get it on Amazon and you can use both indoors and outdoors.

This inflatable lounger would have to be one of the most practical and versatile things ever. It’s ideal for traveling, camping, picnics, festivals or backyard seating areas. You can easily deflate it and pack it, it’s easy to store and easy to use. You can even use it in the pool. Get it on Amazon, either as a gift or for yourself.

When you think about it, inflatable furniture is actually great for college dorm doors or if you’re renting a place and you feel like it needs some extra seating but you don’t want to invest into anything permanent. These Intex inflatable Empire Chairs actually look pretty stylish and are also super comfortable. They come in several different colors and you can mix and match them as you like.

Summer is perfect for all sorts of outdoor events like pool parties, backyard barbecues, picnics, camping trips, etc. Some of these events would be much more enjoyable with one of these huge inflatable sofas. The Instant Summer Event Sofa can seat up to 30 people and comes with a detachable ottoman which can be used as a separate piece.

For all those great pool parties you plan on hosting this summer to be a raging success, you might want to invest in a couple of these Designer Series Floating Couches. They come in three bright and vibrant colors: aqua, lime and tangerine and they’re fun, stylish and pretty comfortable as well.

Inflatable rafts are pretty nice too but they’re generally small. Well take a look at this giant thing. It’s like a mini floating island…well one which you can deflate and take home with you at the end of the day. This giant inflatable raft can hold up to seven people and come with cup holders and built-in coolers. You can get it on Amazon.

Best friends share everything. They’re like slices of a pizza. Speaking of pizza, check out this cool pack of eight inflatable rafts. All you have to do for things to be perfect is find seven friends willing to share a pizza with you. Don’t forget to get this Swimline series from amazon first.

Because everything is better when you share it with friends, we’d also like to show you this incredibly versatile inflatable armchair which has a modular design that lets you separate it into pieces and then rearrange the pieces to create larger structures. It’s like playing with giant puzzle pieces. Each Pigro Felice Modul’Air armchair is made of two base parts, a backrest piece and a pillow.

The last inflatable couch/ chair that we want to show you today doesn’t really look like an inflatable piece at all. It was designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec and it’s called Quilt. Its design is sculptural, elegant and quite sophisticated, characteristics which are not usually used to described such products.

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