Gorgeous Designs Inspired by Colorful Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen that doesn’t look or feel comfortable doesn’t really do it these days as modern and contemporary interior design are focusing more and more on the idea of utilitarian spaces seamlessly blended into the social part of the house. So how do you make a kitchen look more inviting or feel more welcoming? One option is to have colorful kitchen cabinets. There are obviously multiple possible approaches, including the possibility to paint used cabinets as a way to give the kitchen a makeover and a fresh and vibrant new look or to choose from the wide array of modern kitchen cabinets already available in all sorts of eye-catching colors.

The bright orange cabinets suit this kitchen and give it a cheerful look. This bold accent color looks beautiful in combination with the light color palette and the warm wood accents complemented by stainless steel surfaces. This is a design done by Pascali Semerdjian.

There are a lot of stylish and trendy color combinations that you can try in the kitchen. Yellow and gray look beautiful together as they bring out the best in each other and the contrast between them is a bold but at the same time harmonious one. Check out more images of these stylish two-tone kitchen cabinets on skonahem.

You can still enjoy colorful kitchen cabinets without being too bold about it. For example, you can choose a subtle and more neutral color like grey and you can play with different shades and different types of finishes or textures to make the design stand out. Perhaps you can find inspiration in this kitchen interior created by Note Design Studio.

A dark nuance can also look elegant in a modern kitchen. In fact, these black kitchen cabinets look amazing in combination with the wooden counter and matching bar stools. At the same time, they contrast nicely with the light grey floor and the walls. This is the interior of an 1890’s cottage recently remodeled by ALL & NXTHING.

You could in theory choose any color you want for your kitchen cabinets. You can even find matching appliances and accessories if you’re lucky. Each color has its own unique set of characteristics. Blue, for example, is a nuance known to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Check out this kitchen designed by Studio Indigo to see how such a theme would look like.

Another interesting design possibility is to add color to the kitchen in other forms. For example, simple wooden cabinets can be complemented by a colorful tiled backsplash and/ or matching flooring. It’s an idea inspired by a project completed by Design Platform. This is the renovated interior of a 1950’s ranch located in Denver.

Colors such as orange and yellow are known for their cheerful and playful vibe and that makes them great candidates for colorful kitchen cabinets. The space will look bright and sunny and it would definitely help to have a good source of natural light, like this kitchen which was renovated by Alistair Fleming Design.

Green is also a very fresh color and even darker nuances can make a kitchen look marvelous. To avoid creating a decor that looks too dark and gloomy, use this color in combination with crisp white surfaces and complementary tones. A good source of inspiration in this sense can be the project completed by Jaclyn Peters Design.

Here’s another very stylish kitchen which takes advantages of the fresh vibe created by the color green. In this scenario, Bestor Architecture gave this kitchen white walls, white cabinetry and wooden shelves and placed a green island at the center.

When designing a kitchen the choice of color is often related to other elements such as the size and layout of the space, the materials and finishes involved or the placement of the windows and/ or ceiling beams. In this case, the blue cabinets give this kitchen a classic look while the exposed wood, the marble and the metallic brass accents give it a sophisticated vibe. This is a project done by Jean Stoffer Design.

If you want to make a statement, colorful kitchen cabinets can definitely put you on the right track, especially if you pick a powerful color such as royal blue. This nuance looks beautiful in combination with warm wood surfaces which can tone it down a bit but also with soft pastels which can bring out its beauty. Let this kitchen design by Crosby Studios inspire you.

In case you’re worried that too much color would make your kitchen look too busy or would interfere with your desire to maintain a minimalist and bright decor, check out this beautiful design created by Jason MacLean. It has blue cabinets, gray walls, yellow chairs, all complemented by white, gray and black hexagonal floor tiles arranged in a honeycomb pattern.

Gray kitchen cabinets don’t always look boring. in fact, this is a very trendy color, one which goes well with pretty much anything else. The gray kitchen island is complemented here by mint green bar stools and lots of warm wood. This is a design done by Poteet Architecture.

Colorful kitchen cabinets, as you may have noticed, are not only suitable for modern or contemporary spaces but also for traditional or even rustic ones. It’s usually just a matter of picking the right nuance based on the type of countertop, flooring or appliances in the room. This kitchen designed by Toronto Interior Design Group has a very classy, even timeless look.

Even if you prefer neutral colors there are ways to integrate such a palette in a beautiful and even eye-catching kitchen design. Take for example this design created by Turett Collaborative Architects. Sure, the cabinets and the island are not as bold as other we’ve seen so far but they sure look exquisite. The colorful artwork completes the decor in a really great way, bringing out the natural elegance of the muted, nature-inspired nuances used for the furniture.

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