How To Build A Faux Fireplace For Your Cozy Home

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Fireplaces are useful for heating spaces but, more often than not, their role is a decorative one. A lot of people who have functional fireplaces into their homes rarely actually use them. Of course, this applies to traditional or rustic fireplace designs and not so much to modern fireplaces. That being said, more often than not a faux fireplace would be a great design feature. It would give the space a cozy and warm look and ambiance and you could place it anywhere and even built it yourself out of simple materials.

Building a faux fireplace from scratch is surprisingly easy and that’s great news for anyone who would enjoy having such a feature into their home, regardless of where they’d want to place it. The task starts with the fireplace frame which can be made out of wood. You could use some scrap pieces that you have from previous projects. Once the frame is in place you can go ahead and add the shell which is a set of plywood panels. Attach them with adhesive for a clean and simple look. When that’d done too you can start planning the last details which involve customizing the fireplace using paint, tiles and other elements. There’s a really nice tutorial describing the project in more detail on lovethetompkins.

Before you dismiss the whole idea of a faux fireplace, consider how big of an impact this feature has on not just the room it’s in but the entire house and also the fact that a faux fireplace doesn’t take up a lot of place and can double as a wall ornament. You can make it look extra charming by giving it a stone surround or by filling it with a few small wood logs (or wood slices). Let’s not forget about the mantel which is great for displaying items on. You can find more inspiring ideas like these ones on hometalk.

If you’re serious about adding a DIY faux fireplace to your living space, perhaps you’d care to make it the central piece in your living room wall unit. You could design and built all sorts of interesting configurations using the fireplace as a starting point. For example, you could place the TV on the wall, just above the faux fireplace and you could frame it and integrate it into a sort of shelving unit with open and closed modules on either side. Does this sound like something you’d enjoying building? If yes, check out the tutorial on thesweetestdigs.

In order for a faux fireplace to serve its intended purpose it must look as authentic and as real as possible without actually being functional. I’d say this one featured on makeit-loveit is pretty close to perfection. On top of that, it’s not fixed to its location which means you can move it around whenever you feel like redecorating. You could also store it in summer and bring it back to the living room in winter when it’s cold outside and you want the home to feel cozy.

A faux fireplace can turn out to be more than just a decorative element in your living room if, for example, you decide to integrate it into an entertainment center. In other words, you can use the mantel as a shelf for keeping electronics on and you could extend the back panel of the fireplace upward so you can also mount the TV on it. Of course, you could install the TV directly onto the wall if you’d prefer this option better. This cool idea comes from blesserhouse.

A faux fireplace might look out of place if you don’t somehow integrate it into the room’s decor or even make it a part of a wall unit. If you want the fireplace to be a permanent feature in your living room, then go ahead and make it a part of the entertainment center. Check out iheartorganizing to see how seamless and natural this built-in DIY fireplace looks like. You wouldn’t even suspect that it’s not functional.

Before you start building your own faux fireplace, some decisions need to be made. For instance, you need to decide what materials you’ll be using. A reclaimed wood fireplace could look very charming. Since this won’t be a functional fireplace, there’s nothing to worry about regarding fire hazards and other such details. You could use stack blocks of wood like Lego pieces. That actually sounds like a lot of fun. Check out kristimurphy for a few tips related to the project.

You should also take some time to consider where you’ll be placing your new faux fireplace. You might not be able to integrate it into the wall unit so perhaps you can find an empty wall that could use a focal point. Maybe there’s no space in the living room but you could put the fireplace in the master bedroom or in your home office. You could display framed pictures and other decorations on the mantel and you could also put candles inside. We absolutely love this DIY faux fireplace featured on thepursuitofhandyness and we wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Of course, you might already have a fireplace in your home, perhaps even a functional one. In that case, you could give this one a makeover. You could tear down the old frame and mantel and build a new fireplace surround from scratch. Gather your materials and tools and make a sketch with measurements so you have a plan to follow. You could reuse some of the pieces from the old fireplace if you think that would help. You can find more details about this project on athomewiththebarkers.

Not a fan of wood or stone fireplaces? Perhaps you’d prefer a DIY concrete fireplace instead. Such a project would be pretty permanent so you must be sure you’ll be keeping for at least a few years since tearing it down won’t be easy. You’ll need a few materials and tools and if you need to demolish an old fireplace first then that would require some time and effort as well. In any case, you can find all the details you need about this project on designertrapped.

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