How To Build A Pallet Bed From Scratch – 10 Different Methods

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As you may already know, wood pallets can be repurposed in a lot of cool and creative ways. You can even use them to make custom furniture, including beds. A pallet bed is actually not very difficult to put together but there are plenty of variations of the concept you should consider before starting your new DIY project. We’ve put together a list of ten different ways to build a pallet bed from scratch and we hope it will inspire you.

The easiest method is to build a platform on which to place the mattress. You can it higher or lower, depending on your preference. Just place some pallets side by side and on top of each other and secure them together with zip ties or, if you prefer a sturdier option, with brackets. You can find out the rest of the details on instructables.

Before you go ahead and bring home the first pallet you see, you should that they actually come in several different types. The ones used to make this bed featured on apairandasparediy are 4 way block pallets. They’re each made of two layers of wood with blocks in between them. This makes them sturdy and offers great support for the mattress. In addition, it means you also get some handy storage cubbies under the bed for things like shoes or books.

If you decide to build your bed out of pallet wood, it most likely won’t end up looking that great but instead of looking at this as a bad thing you can see it as an advantage, an opportunity to use the imperfections to your advantage. One solution is offered on instructables. Check out this pallet bed with built-in under-light.

Let’s also check out a pallet bed that isn’t mean for the common bedroom. In fact, it’s not mean for the indoors at all because it’s a swing bed and it’s at its best when hanged outside. As you can imagine, putting all of this together is pretty easy. You have to make sure that the pallet base is sturdy after which you securely tie rope around it so you can hang it in your garden, under a large tree or outside on the porch. You can find more details about the project on themerrythought.

The basics of building a pallet bed don’t really change that much across all the different projects on this list. One of the main steps is to build a pallet platform for the mattress to sit on. Sometimes that can result in a very simplified design, a bed with no frame. If you want to make sure that your mattress stays in place you can use metal pipes and fittings to add railings. Check out paintedtherapy to see how the process goes.

If you’re planning on building a toddler bed, perhaps one similar to the bed featured on handimania, things get a bit more complicated, mainly because you also have to build a frame and safety panels and probably also a headboard. You can use pallet wood for all of this.

Speaking of beds with headboards, you should also check out this awesome project from instructables. It shows you how to build a pallet headboard with built-in accent lighting and box shelves. It’s not as difficult as it seems.

You can also use pallets to build a corner bench for the breakfast nook or the kitchen. You’ll most likely need to modify the pallets a bit. You could cut them in half, paint them and attach casters and you can use leftover boards to make a headboard which you can upholster for increased comfort. This idea comes from projectnursery.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a comfortable daybed out on your deck or in the garden, so you can relax and enjoy nature’s beauty? You can build the bed yourself, as you probably know by now. You can find a nice tutorial describing how to build a pallet daubed on ondawaytosomewhere.

Pets have their own cute little beds too, or at least they should. As cute as they are, these things often cost a small fortune. Instead of giving up the idea of a pet bed altogether, a much better approach would be to build a tiny pallet bed. You can check out camillestyles for inspiration. Feel free to customize your pet’s pallet bed however you want.

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