How To Decorate Each Room And Make It Feel Special

Every space inside your home is different from all the others and even though you should somehow find a way to harmoniously link them and to create a holistic décor, it’s also important to take into consideration the function and the ambiance that are specific to each type of room. Adapt your design strategy based on these main elements to make each area look and feel special.

The master bedroom

For the master bedroom, you can come up with a gorgeous design that highlights certain particular elements. For example, you can get creative with the headboard or use different nightstands and light fixtures to add diversity to the room. The ceiling can also become a focal point and the walls and windows can be dressed up in lots of beautiful ways.

The guest room

When you’re decorating a guest bedroom you don’t want to make the room look too customized. It should definitely reflect your style but it shouldn’t make your guests feel like they’re intruding too much. In other words, keep it somewhat neutral but don’t make it bland and boring. Make it cozy by putting a comfortable armchair in a corner, hang some shelves on the walls, some ambient lighting and make sure there storage is easily accessible.

The bathroom or powder room

A good rule when decorating the bathroom is keep things clean and simple and to de-clutter the space. Don’t fill the counter with unnecessary things and make sure there’s sufficient storage for everything. Shelves are really helpful because they don’t make the room feel tiny yet they provide adequate storage for a lot of different things. Add some color and pattern to the room with a lovely shower curtain and don’t forget the mirror. Sometimes it can also be nice to add a bit of greenery to the décor.

The dining area

Decorating the dining room can often prove to be challenging, mostly because there are lots of different types of layouts and styles to consider. In an open concept dining room you’ll probably want to use an area rug to visually delineate this area from all the others. A cozy family dining area could include a vintage cabinet or cupboards for storage and a bunch of decorations on the walls such as framed pictures. The chairs don’t need to match unless you prefer it that way and if there’s enough space in the room you can also add a comfortable armchair in a corner or some shelving on the walls.

The kids’ bedrooms

There are lots of cool and interesting ways to decorate a kid’s bedroom and to make it all cute and adorable. For example, you can hang a canopy above the bed or hang beautiful curtains with lovely prints and colors. An accent lamp or a rocking chair in a corner could also add a warm and cozy touch to the room. You can also rely on soft area rugs and accent pillows to make the space feel extra inviting. Another nice idea is to create a gallery wall or to display some of your kid’s drawings and other creations around the room.

The family room

A family room is more or less the same thing as the living room in a lot of cases. It’s a casual space for spending time with family and friends, relaxing in front of the TV, playing games or chatting and it’s meant to be comfortable and inviting. When you’re decorating this space, focus on functionality and comfort rather than all the fancy accent pieces and decorations that you would normally highlight in a typical living room. Bean bag chairs, poufs and floor pillows are all great options when it comes to seating.

The kitchen

Functionality and storage in particular are very important in a kitchen which leaves little room for decorative elements and accent pieces. There are still a lot of cool ways in which you can decorate your kitchen and make it extra special. In some cases the island makes a great focal point and can double as a bar or a breakfast table. If there’s a window in your kitchen, taken advantage of it and if you want to make the room feel more cozy and inviting use things like area rugs, accent chairs, warm colors, wall decorations and planters to create a pleasant ambiance.

The living room

Every living room needs a focal point or two so be sure to plan something special. Perhaps a fireplace could fit nicely in your home or maybe you’d like something bold in here like a piano. Be sure to take advantage of all the natural light coming through the windows and to create a layout that suits your needs and your style. If you feel the need for a desk in here, add one and make it look right at home by choosing a design that matches the style of the room. Decorate the walls with handmade artwork, decals or paintings and don’t forget the lighting. Place a lamp in a corner to the room feel extra cozy at night.

The entryway

Because this is the first area your guests see when they enter your home, try to make the entryway as inviting as possible without adding too many personalized elements to it otherwise it can feel a bit overwhelming. At the same time, be sure to include sufficient storage for things like coats, shoes and bags. A small bench or a console table can sometimes look great in here as well and a mirror can come in handy too. Of course, the design you choose should be based on the size and shape of your entryway and also the overall layout of your home.

How to decorate large walls

No matter what room we’re talking about, decorating a large wall is a challenge. It can look overwhelming when it’s empty and covering it all up with furniture isn’t exactly ideal in most cases. There are of course lots of great ways to deal with that. For example, add some open shelves in an interesting pattern, create a gallery wall, display music instruments or large artwork on the wall. Painting it in a beautiful and interesting color can also work and you can also use wallpaper and decals to turn this surface into a beautiful focal point for the room.


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