How To Decorate The Space Above The Bed In A Way That Suits The Room

The bed usually occupies a big proportion of the floor space in the bedroom which is not ideal, especially if you also want to be able to fit other things in there. However, this also opens up a few distinct design possibilities.

The space directly above the bed becomes a focal point. It’s an area that is sometimes neglected but which has great potential. It might not be a wonderful idea to add vital storage to this space since it’s kind of out of the way and hard to reach but this is a perfect spot for some artwork and other decorative elements. Let’s check out a few design ideas. 

Even though the actual space above the bed is empty in this case, the wall itself stands out and looks nice and pretty. Also, the matching wall sconces displayed above each of the nightstands frame this space quite nicely. 

Here there’s a slender ledge just above the bed running symmetrically from one side to the other and acting as a backdrop for the bed and the nightstands. It’s a great little areas for displaying framed pictures, arwork and to group up a few stylish vases. 

A style such as this one is defined by lots of ornamental details so leaving the wall space above the bed empty would not really suit the room. This right here is a nice way to fill that space while keeping everything in tone with the aristocratic decor of the room. 

The whole wall itself can stand out in certain cases. This accent wall is definitely a good example. It has an elegant pattern with 3D details which doesn’t really need anything else to look beautiful and to give the room all the detail it needs. 

Sometimes turning this into a sort of gallery wall can really work out. You could hang framed artwork above the bed, display a few pictures and even add a mirror or two to make the room feel larger and more open and airy. 

Even though this is not an ideal place for anything storage-related, a few shelves or cubbies could still look nice above the bed. You could fill them with a few books that you might like to read while in bed or with some plants, candles and other such things. 

In cases where there’s not a lot of space to work with, framing the bed with shelves, cubbies and cabinets in a good way to save a bit of floor space and to make the bedroom feel cozy without also feeling tiny. That usually suits small bedrooms and children’s rooms. 

Hang an oversizes painting above the bed to create a bold focal point. It will immediately draw the eye towards that spot and everything else in the room will come into view gradually. If the room is tiny that might not look great so consider applying this strategy to a master bedroom

Some lighting directly above the bed can sometimes be convenient and practical, especially if you enjoy reading in bed before falling asleep. Perhaps you could add a hanging pendant lamp or a sconce above the bed, similar to how it was done here. 

Speaking of bedroom lighting, the table lamps can also help to frame the bed in a beautiful and elegant manner. The light also creates a nice effect above the bed in this particular case which complements the accent wall and draws attention to the stylish design of the headboard. 

Of course, if you want to create an extravagant decor, you can go crazy with the details. The wall behind the bed can be decorated with multiple layers of different materials, finishes and colors and you can complement the whole display with an ornate and eye-catching headboard.

Once again, the space above the bed is empty, and yet it looks interesting. The secret here is the little accent light hanging from the ceiling directly above the bed which illuminates it in a pleasant way without being in the way. 

A canopy can also serve as a beautiful decoration and accent detail for the space above the bed. The canopy can frame the headboard and serve a purely decorative function. In this case its design matches that of the headboard which really suits this princess’ bedroom. 

Here’s another example of a princess bedroom with a lovely canopy. This one has a gold-themed decor with ivory and beige details and lots of matching elements. The chandelier is one of the major focal points of the room. 

If you want to fill the space above the bed with something but you don’t want to overcomplicate the decor with colorful artwork or pictures, consider hanging mirrors and empty frames. It’s unconventional which is why it looks so interesting. 

The symmetry of a room’s decor helps to make the space feel more comfortable and familiar. You can see that here where the bed is the centerpiece, with an elegant oval headboard and two matching nightstands with identical lamps framing it. The wall behind the bed is dark gray which helps to make the two-piece artwork displayed on it fit into the decor more naturally. 

This glamorous bedroom is fairly symmetrical as well. The concentric gold-trimmed squares on the wall behind the wall definitely suggest this is the center of the room. The subdues color palette with lots of beige, soft pink and whites is brought to life by the glimmering golden details. 

This is nice to add a bit more storage space to the bedroom without taking up more floor space. The geometric shelves hanging above the bed can hold decorations but also books and useful items which is convenient given that there’s no room for a big nightstand. 

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