How To Use String Lights To Create Fantastic Outdoor Setups

Outdoor lighting is an interesting topic mostly because all the usual options such as chandeliers or pendant lamps don’t really apply here. A different strategy is needed in order to provide proper illumination to open spaces, patios, gardens, decks and other outdoor areas. As it turns out, string lights are surprisingly good at that plus they’re also super versatile and flexible which means you can create some really awesome decors with them.

How to hang string lights outside

Let’s start with a few tips for hanging outdoor string lights. First of all, if you’re planning to hang multiple strings and criss-cross them you might find it easier to do this if you remove the bulbs first. Before you actually start hanging the strings however you should look around identify any trees and existing surfaces that you can secure them to. You should also take into consideration the power source. Try not to overthink this process. Usually the simplest solution is also the best. Check out thecreativityexchange for more useful tips.

If there are no trees that you can attach the string lights to or if you want to arrange them in a specific pattern then you could secure them to a series of posts which you can put in place for this very purpose. You can add some wooden posts all around your patio or deck and hang planters on them so they look pretty during the day and string lights for a lovely ambiance at night. Check out oldsaltfarm to find out how to build and install the posts.

A covered deck or patio provides you with the perfect setup for hanging string lights. All you need is some screw eyes/ hooks, D ring clips and of course the string lights which should be suited for outdoor use so go with a heavy-duty design. First you measure the space, then you screw the eye hooks into place and then you connect the string lights using D ring clips. You can find more details about this entire process on loveourreallife.

Inspiring ideas

Hanging string lights can help create a very pleasant ambiance and this is a really great example in this sense. Two trees spaced apart just right hold a hammock and their canopies intertwine to provide shade. This is already starting to look like a perfect little lounge area. The string lights hanging above the hammock create a very pleasant and very cozy ambiance. Add to that a side table or a bar cart for drinks and snacks and you get the perfect setup. This lovely idea comes from bystephanielynn.

Use outdoor string lights to decorate existing structures such as fences, pergolas or even a garden gate which, by the way, you can build yourself out of old ladders. It’s s fairly simple project which is described in detail in a tutorial featured on kojo-designs.

If you like the idea of backyard string lights but you’re not sure that installing permanent posts would be a wise idea, consider different options. One idea could be to make custom posts out of tree trunks and concrete. They’d be heavy and sturdy but you’d still be able to move them around. Use them to surround the fire pit, hanging string lights all around this area. Check out brooklynlimestone for more details.

A string of lights can really change the look of a small patio and hanging them is pretty easy, especially if you can attach the hooks to the side of the house. This is a lovely way to decorate a patio and works out great for a variety of other spaces too. Find more inspiration on blesserhouse.

String lights and pergolas go hand in hand. Hanging the lights is easy and you can get creative with all sorts of different patterns and combinations. You can also hang lanterns and other different things, including decorations. Also, this doesn’t only apply to pergolas so be creative.

Hanging string lights out in the backyard or on the patio doesn’t only change the ambiance in that particular outdoor area but also inside the house. You can see these lovely lights from indoors and they can create a cozy ambiance at night. At the same time, they could also improve your home’s curb appeal.{found on nativesondesignstudio}.

You don’t need to overcomplicate things or to try to hang your patio string lights in a perfectly straight line or a symmetrical pattern. They’re already casual-looking so they’ll look great even if you hang them in a more or less random manner.{found on chelseadc}.

When hanging string lights out in the yard or the garden you can use the existing landscape in your favor. Hang the lights on trees, shrubs, fence posts and use structures such as the pergola or a cantilevered roof in a similar manner.{picture from nnarchitecture}.

Usually, string lights are attached to the side of the house and stretch across the yard where there’s wrapped around a tree or a post. You can use this technique to hang multiple strings of lights and to give the yard or garden a charming look at night.{image from carleymontgomery}.

It’s not just the patio and the backyard that can benefit from hanging string lights but also balconies and terraces. That increases the versatility of string lights in general and helps to make the transition between indoor and outdoor spaces smoother.{found on urbanangles}.

There are a few things to consider when choosing patio string lights. It’s important to choose resilient, heavy-duty string lights which can withstand outdoor conditions. You might also want to pick a popular type or brand in case you’ll need replacement bulbs or if you’ll want to add some lights at some point.{found on yardscapesnorthwest}.

One of the coolest things about string lights is that they look very bohemian, almost magical. These ones, for example, look like little stars and complement this little patio in the most wonderful way. The fence acts as a perfect support for the string lights. {image by robcampbellphotography}.

There are a lot of different ways in which you can hang string lights. They don’t always have to hang horizontally. In fact, this has a lot to do with the layout and overall design of the space you’re trying to illuminate. Instead of draping the lights across the patio you can choose to wrap them around a post or to hang them vertically on the walls.{found on fdphoto}.

String lights are a great option for outdoor spaces not just because they look lovely but also because they’re practical and easy to work with. You can hang them however you want with little effort. Use string lights to make a simple wood deck look amazing or hang them in the garden to make it look fantastic.{found on vgzarquitectura}.

There’s really no case where string lights wouldn’t look nice when it comes to outdoor spaces. Take this cozy fire pit area for instance. The string lights kind of extend the warmth of the fire pit on the adjacent outdoor kitchen and dining area and that’s a lovely use for them.{found on randythuemedesign}.

String lights actually give out plenty of light even if it may not seem like it. Of course, it depends on the type of bulbs and the design but in a lot of cases these are enough to properly illuminate a deck, patio, terrace or balcony.{found on kategouldgardens}.

Check out how stylish these string lights look on this roof terrace. Somehow they make this space feel more intimate and less exposed even though they don’t really interfere with privacy in any way. In fact, if anything they draw more attention to the space.{found on shelsilindquist}.

Here’s another great patio that shows just how well pergolas and string lights complement each other. It’s a look that suits any style. We can easily envision this look for a rustic patio, a traditional deck and even a contemporary terrace.{found on fortehomes}.

You can spruce up any space with string lights, even a temporary setup if let’s say you take your mobile home out of an adventure. When you park for the night you can hang some string lights up in a nearby tree and when you find a more permanent place you can drape the lights across the yard like this.{image from lucycall}.

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