Inspiring Backyard Patio Makeovers For Big And Small Spaces

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You might find yourself  wanting to spend more time outside and since there’s no place like home the backyard patio seems like the perfect spot. Still, this area has to look nice in order to be inviting and pleasant. A few layout changes, some design adjustments and a few new accent details can really change a space. A backyard patio makeover can be a very exciting and fun project but before you get started we’d like to show you a few designs and transformations that could potentially inspire you.

This small outdated patio was transformed into a gorgeous outdoor space with a vibrant color palette. The coolest feature in this case is the floor which has been painted and now it looks as if the patio has an outdoor rug with a modern pattern on it. The old chairs were salvaged and transformed and a few new furniture pieces were added to complete the space and make it even more inviting and comfortable. Another nice accent detail is the sunshade and also the string lights which add a whimsical look to the patio at night.

Previously there was no patio in this backyard and the entire space was empty and not really usable in any way. All of that changed when a fence was built around the yard and a raised wooden deck was added. The deck was then turned into the stylish and cozy space you see here, with comfortable seating arranged around a coffee table, a couple of small side tables, an accent chair and also a beautiful striped rug A variety of potted plants were added too and the rest of the yard was turned into a green space. You can find out more about this gorgeous makeover on ispydiy.

This backyard patio has a beautiful pergola with vines stretching over it and it also surrounded by lots of greenery which creates a very lush decor. The patio itself has a simple concrete floor which transitions into a pathway and is furnished with a few classic chairs that match the pergola and the fence. Check out the transformation on thespruce.

That’s a really chic patio in the middle of a beautiful garden. It has a casual seating area and a stone-clad outdoor fireplace tucked away among all the greenery. The flooring is quite nice as well, with the different geometric shapes and especially the circle which adds a cozy feel to the seating area. Check out thespruce for more details.

An empty space in the backyard can be transformed into a lovely patio or into an outdoor seating area and with a little bit of planning it can end up being a fairly simple project. This setup featured on yellowbrickhome is a really good source of inspiration in that sense. This a circular seating area centered around a fire pit, with a few chairs and minimal accessories. We really like the idea of delineating this area from the rest of the lawn.

Check out how clean and stylish this backyard patio is, with the concrete flooring and the white pergola. The centerpiece is the little coffee table which has a gorgeous design. It’s very sculptural and the metal hairpin legs are a perfect fit. The white sofa with the wooden base coordinates beautifully with the table and adds warmth to the area. For more details and inspiration, head over to almostmakesperfect.

Adding color to the backyard can be another nice strategy. This for example is a colorful yard with beautiful red flowers framing the patio. Speaking of which, the patio is organized on multiple levels which gives it more depth and also helps to delineate different areas. The red umbrellas are a nice touch in combination with the red flowers along the edges. More details can be found on thespruce.

Although there’s plenty of space here, this patio is nice and small . It’s a lovely seating area for one with a comfortable armchair and a pouf. It has a curved raised floor which differentiates it from the rest of the area. Furthermore, this little patio gets plenty of shade during the day and is surrounded by lots of greenery on all sides. If you want to find out more about this makeover project you can check out stylebyemilyhenderson.

A nice patio gives you a perfect spot to enjoy the morning coffee from, or a place where you can chill with a book in the afternoon or spend some time with friends and family after sunset. We found one of the most inspiring transformations on livvyland and we love everything about it. The flooring, the pergola roof and the guardrails complement each other perfectly and the furniture is spot on as well. The string lights, the accent pillows, the outdoor rug and the plants are excellent details.

If you have big trees in the backyard perhaps you don’t even need a pergola or a sunshade for your patio. The canopies can give you shade in a natural and breezy way and you could set up the seating area in s strategic spot. A small sofa or a bench, a couple of chairs and a coffee table are enough in terms of furniture. Add an outdoor rug and a few potted plants and it’s all starting to take shape and to look amazing. More inspiration can be found on hannahwestby.

This is a lovely setup, with the patio next to the entrance and partially protected by the roof overhang. The white exterior wall of the house provides a clean and elegant backdrop for the patio especially since a light and breezy color palette was chosen for this whole area. All the furniture is matching which adds cohesion to the design and the wall art and accent pillows add a lot of character to the patio as a whole. Additional details can be found on cottonwoodandco.

A black and white color theme can look really nice on the patio. It’s fresh, timeless and versatile. Of course, all the greenery can provide the needed accent color and you can create a magnificent backdrop with tree, bushes and plants. This lovely design from inspirationformoms introduces a variety of geometric patterns in various different forms. The vintage lanterns are a really nice detail as well.

When decorating an outdoor space such as the backyard patio for instance there’s of inspiration to be taken from indoor areas like your typical living room for example. You can make this space feel like home by adding elements such as floating shelves on the walls, potted plants, a rug, accent pillows and so on. There’s a wonderful example of a super cozy and inviting patio design on prettyinthepines.

Covered patios give you more freedom because there’s a wider variety of materials to choose from and more options for design and decor in general. That’s because everything is protected from rain and sun rays. Of course, most outdoor furniture is already weather-proof. What can really make a difference is various accent details such as throw pillows, blankets and wall decorations. On that note, this design featured on lifelovelarson looks and feels very wholesome.

Small and simple can also work. For example, isn’t this patio charming? It’s merely a small sitting area outside this big window but it looks and feels really cozy. The flagstone floor is slightly raised and there’s a nice simple border around it. The turquoise side table adds a pop of color to the patio and the pillows and potted flowers introduce a second accent color. Additional info can be found on stacyssavings.

Something even more casual can look lovely as well. This backyard patio is merely a couple of chairs and a small table set on the green lawn. The lack of an actual floor made of stone, concrete, brick or other materials is refreshing and also gives this setup a temporary feel. The window awning and trellis in the background really help to turn this into a chic and cozy spot. Check it out in detail on lifeisbetterathome.

Another strategy is to treat the backyard patio as an extension of the indoor living area. As such, you can furnish it with an outdoor sofa, a couple of armchair, a coffee table and potentially a few other things as well such as a storage cabinet, a desk, side tables and so on. For a full effect add lamps, wall art, a rug and other details which are usually a part of the living room decor. The inspiration for this comes from impartinggrace.

You might want to set up a fence around your outdoor patio if you don’t have one already. Similarly, some sort of privacy screen can have a similar effect. Of course, you don’t want all the attention to be on the fence so add a few details such as potted or hanging plants to create more focal points and add diversity to the decor. As for the rest of this setup from happystronghome everything is centered around the fire pit and framed by a large outdoor rug.

Check out how spacious and open this area looks. The sofa is set against the fence, with tall greenery growing behind it and creating a beautiful backdrop. The wood, stone and greenery is a beautiful combination which works out great here with the clean and contemporary design. The shapes are very well balanced here. We have clean and straight lines and edges for the most part complemented by a circular fire pit at the center. For more info and details, head over to latimesblogs.latimes.

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