Looking for info on local scammer: Mad Man's Hauling

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This is a throw away to protect the anonymity of my real profile. I cleared this post with the mods.

Last week I was scammed by a person who claims his business is called Mad Man’s Hauling and Transport. I say claims because I can’t find any business license or address associated with this name. I have his real name but can’t share it due to sub rules. This company has also had an illegal dumping investigation against them, and at least one other small claims case, that I know of.

Long story short, I purchased firewood from this person, paid them, and when they showed up they left a very small amount of wood and then sped off down the street. I guess I could offer more information if anyone thinks it’s relevant.

I am pursuing them through several different legal avenues, but need help with an address or other information. If you know anything about this person, their spouse (who was very verbally abusive), or the company, I would appreciate any DMs to that effect. Please do not post private information on the thread, as that also goes against sub rules.

Thank you!

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