10 Fireplace Screens with Doors to Upgrade Your Fireplace

At last summer has succumbed to fall. We can pull out our sweaters and blankets and pumpkin decor. For some, fall means cleaning up the fireplace and toting in logs of wood for evening coziness and marshmallow roasting. When you rely on your fireplace for many things besides just the warmth, it’s essential that those flames are easy to get to. No one wants to move a heavy fireplace screen every other night to cook a hot dog dinner. But those fireplace screens do keep coals in and little fingers out. So what is the happy in between? A fireplace screen with a door. Take a look at these 10 examples and you’ll be convinced to get one for your fireplace too.

Just like normal fireplace screens, screens with doors come in all kinds of beautiful patterns. You can easily swap your old screen for a new one with a pretty lattice pattern like the one above.

If you’re absolutely sure that screens with doors are for you, have a permanent one installed in your fireplace. Not only will it be gorgeous in the fall, it will be an eye catcher all year round.

When your space is full of luxurious textures and swirling patterns, sometimes it’s nice to have a dark bold element in the room to ground the eyes. Choosing a screen with thick straight lines is a practical way to achieve that look.

Don’t forget to choose a screen with a pattern that matches the rest of your home. Find a vintage pattern for a mid century modern style, a swirl for French country and no lines at all for the minimal living room.

Don’t forget about the gorgeous craftsman fireplaces. Find a screen with doors that looks like a paned craftsman window. It will update the fireplace while maintaining the old home charm you want to keep.

Does your fireplace already have a screen with doors? Hopefully you’re doing what you can to maintain them. Those authentic screens are hard to find and they only add to the magic of sitting around the fire with your family.

Not all screens need to be black and heavy. You can find them in brass too which might serve your fireplace better, especially if you have a dark stone or brick fireplace. The lighter shade of metal will keep the fireplace from feeling too heavy visually for your space.

Let’s not overlook the outdoor fireplace! Screens with doors are perfect for outdoor fireplaces because they keep out the dirt and critters while making it simple to host cookouts on your patio.

Are you worried about your large fireplace opening? Don’t be. It might need a bit larger budget than you anticipated, but an opening that size is just made for marshmallow roasting so a screen with doors is a necessity.

If you’re on the farmhouse styling bandwagon, you probably know that sliding barn doors are all the rage. So while you’re choosing a screen for your fireplace, why not stay on trend with sliding screen doors? They’ll be the envy of all farmhouse owners.

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