Lineage Logistics scraps plans for area facility

Lineage Logistics Holdings LLC has scrapped its plans to build a 450,000-square-foot facility at New Century AirCenter, KSHB reports.

The company received unanimous approval from Johnson County commissioners to move forward with the project, but it also faced pushback from area residents who cited concerns such as a potential decrease in property values and exposure to anhydrous ammonia.

In a statement, Lineage Logistics told KSHB that “unforeseen changes to our customers’ supply chain and logistics…

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Legends Outlets' T-Rex Cafe is auctioning off items

Fans of T-Rex Cafe can now get their hands on some of the restaurant’s iconic items, such as the clamshell-shaped booths, The Kansas City Star reports.

Landry’s Inc. is auctioning items from its Legends Outlets Kansas City location, which closed earlier this year after the landlord declined to renew its lease. Kansas City-based Inc. is leading the online auction, which features a variety of kitchen equipment, such as a pizza oven, food processors and coolers. The restaurant’s seating…

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Local establishment is named world's best tiki bar

Kansas City’s TikiCat has been open less than a year, but it’s already been declared the world’s best tiki bar.

Critiki, an online travel guide and historic archive of Polynesian pop culture hot spots, rated the world’s top 10 tiki bars based on thousands of member reviews. And TikiCat scored the No. 1 spot.

The Westport bar seats 55 and and features Polynesian-themed art, thatched roof rooms with retro furniture and a bamboo covered bar. There’s also a tropical water fountain and an antique…

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10 Living Rooms That Boast a Teal Color

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One thing that everyone will agree on is that your house should feel like you. No matter what the decorating trends are at the moment, no matter what your last style was, no matter what your mother-in-law says, the decor decisions you make for your home should make you happy. It is your space after all. So when you need to paint your living space a color that isn’t cream or gray or anything even close to the neutral family, you have all the permission. As you’re looking around for that color, we would encourage you to try teal. This blueish-green color comes in dark shades, light shades and everything in between. Scroll through these 10 living rooms that boast a teal color and you’ll be convinced that it is the tone for you and your home.

When most people think of teal, the color that comes to mind manages to be dark and bright at the same time. Classic teal is unexpected and different but no less cozy for your main living room.

If you gravitate towards light furniture, try teal that’s a shade darker than the classic tone. Not only will it make your space seem cool and comforting, it will help you really show off your light furniture choices.

Or, if deep dark walls aren’t the solution for you, opt for teal in a lighter shade. It feels rather like an English country home so when you’re leaning towards traditional decorating, swathing your space in the comforting color will help.

Yes, even the Scandinavian decorators can infuse their space with teal. When you go for the almost pastel shade, it will bring out the grays, whites and woods that the style revolves around, making the minimal decor work harder for you.

How do you add teal to your home without choosing pastel shades or inky tones? You add a bit of gray. The smokey side of teal will fit very well into a home full of muted tones or a space that already has an intense focal point.

There is such freedom in eclectic decorating. And chances are, you probably don’t have any teal in your thrifted and storied finds already. So painting your living room teal will help you go above and beyond the eclectic look to something unique and enviable.

You know how traditional English decorating paints everything on the wall in the same color? Take that concept and cover your walls, trim, doors and shelves in a soft teal. Your living room will look like it came straight out of a magazine.

Get excited. They do make wallpaper in the classic teal shade! Not only are you getting a lovely dose of teal in your living area, you are adding the best pattern play you could ever hope for. In fact, you’ll probably be tempted to add it into other places in your home.

Once you’ve painted your walls, it’s time to think about your accessories. Find or make some matching teal curtains for your windows. Add some pillows that display your chosen teal shade. Hang a painting or photo that boasts the same tone. It will help you pull your teal living room together.

So you’re into teal but don’t want to give up your white walls? That’s okay. Paint your ceiling teal instead. Especially in a room with high ceilings, it will bring the eyes down to all your coziness below and cast pleasing shadows around the room at the end of the day.

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