How to Pin Foundation Footings to a Granite Ledge | This Old House

How to Pin Foundation Footings to a Granite Ledge | This Old House
Charlie and Tom Silva start pinning the Cape Ann house footing to a granite ledge.

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The ledge under the Cape Ann house addition is extensive. After several days of hammering, Charlie Silva has decided to pin the footings for the mudroom and garage to the rock. Tom Silva gives him a hand drilling rock for rebar and scribing the forms.

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How to Pin Foundation Footings to a Granite Ledge | This Old House
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KC Hopps tries new format in Lee's Summit: a no dine-in Stroud's

KC Hopps Ltd. is experimenting with a new format for Stroud’s that won’t include dine-in seating. 

The Kansas City-based restaurant management group plans to open Stroud’s Express in October at 1736 NW Chipman Road in Lee’s Summit. The 87-year-old fried chicken brand will offer curbside pickup, carryout and delivery only. Customers are encouraged to order ahead online.

“We wanted to try this new format in Lee’s Summit because it’s hard to visit Stroud’s in the Northland and Overland Park if you…

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Ottoman Coffee Table Ideas – It’s Time To Go Hybrid

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Taken separately, both ottomans and coffee tables are extremely versatile and useful so what would happen if you combine the two? Well, you get a new piece of furniture that’s even more functional and which you can use in at least two different ways.

Ralston Avenue Residence by Urrutia Design - cowhide ottoman
Tufted ottoman used like coffee table

Family room with ottoman coffee table

Ottoman coffee tables are cool and pretty easy to work with, especially if you like casual decors because no matter how much you try you could never make a space look completely formal if there’s an ottoman coffee table at its center.

That’s actually one of the things that we love most about these hybrid pieces. No matter how you put it, they have an intrinsic dose of casualness and comfort. We’ll show you how to make the most of that.

Because ottoman coffee tables are upholstered (otherwise they’d just be tables) their surface is not exactly great for displaying or keeping things on, especially when it comes to vases, glasses and other stuff. To solve this problem, you can use a tray.

If a tray is not exactly a suitable alternative for you, a better option can be to have an accent table that fits neatly over the ottoman, sort of like a sleeve. It would be similar to a C-table which complements the sofa but with its own particularities.{found on signaturedesignskitchenbath}.

An ottoman is better suited for a living room that wants to look cozy and welcoming compared to a coffee table and it all has to do with the upholstery. We like the contrast showcased here between the fabric-upholstered sofa and armchairs and the leather-upholstered coffee table ottoman.{found on jdesigngroup}.

We mentioned that you can use a tray if you want to have a flat surface on which to keep items on your ottoman coffee table but we didn’t mentioned the fact that the tray can be a structural part of the table/ ottoman. Check out this interesting design which has a special place at the center for a removable tray.{found on eminentinteriordesign}.

Sometimes an ottoman is too small to be useful as a coffee table. You can easily surpass this issue by simply using two ottomans instead of one. Actually, if that’s not enough either, add one or two more. They can each serve as individual hybrid pieces or you can link them together to make a bigger piece.{found on nitzandesign}.

Not all ottomans have soft and thick upholstery. It’s actually those that don’t fit these criteria that make the best coffee tables. Their almost flat surfaces are practical and they’re soft and cushy enough to sit or to rest your feet on comfortably.

Tufted ottomans are super common and popular and for good reason. They’re the perfect combination of elegant and cozy and they make great coffee table alternatives. Check out how beautifully this one complements the sitting area with its chic color and simple and versatile design and form.

Of course, before you jump to the idea of throwing out your old coffee table and replacing it with an ottoman, you have to make sure that this combination of elements suits your lifestyle. An ottoman coffee table is great for someone who likes to put their feet up and watch TV but no so much for someone who likes to serve drinks and snacks on the coffee table.

Speaking of old coffee tables, you should also consider the option or repurposing yours into an ottoman rather than replacing it entirely. After all, a coffee table already has the right size and frame and all you have to do is add some foam and upholstery fabric/ leather. You can even leave the base exposed if there’s a shelf you can use for storage down there.

If you’re not a big fan of button-tufted ottomans, there are always other design options which you can explore. How about an ottoman coffee table with a flat upholstered surface? It has a neat and simple look and the design is great if you want to put an emphasis on a cool fabric pattern.{found on gmconstructioninc}.

There’s also the option to match the ottoman coffee table to your sofa or sectional. There are actually furniture sets which include all these modules and you can also always repurpose a footstool into a table if you like the way it fits into the big picture.

How to choose an ottoman/ coffee table

Before you go ahead and buy the first ottoman that you see, it would be bet to take some time and think about any of the important features that you want it to include. Not all ottomans can double as coffee tables and not all that do are suited for your own specific needs.

Primary function

First of all, let’s talk about this particular combo. Yes, an ottoman can function as a coffee table in some cases but do you want it to primarily be used as a table or as an actual ottoman? Determining this helps you to discover other important aspects of its design. If you want an ottoman that you might occasionally repurpose as a table, it’s not really worth focus in on how well it can mimic a table. It’s more useful to focus on comfort in this particular case.


Both coffee tables and ottomans can offer a variety of storage options. It’s up to you to decide whether or not this is something you can use in your life and which type of storage is best suited for your needs if it’s the case. Take some time to figure out exactly what you need to store in your new ottoman/ coffee table. Books would fit nicely on a shelf while small things like remotes, cables and so on would sit best in a drawer for example.


The size of any piece of furniture is important. Since we’re talking about a multifunctional piece in this case, you should make sure that the size is comfortable and practical no matter how you use it. As an ottoman it should be comfortable and as a table it should be functional and practical. It should also suit the room and the layout.

As a general idea, the length of a coffee table should be about one half or two thirds the length of the sofa. The height is also measured in relation to the sofa. Coffee tables are usually the same height as the sofa seat cushions but since we’re talking about an ottoman table, it would be better for it to be a bit lower than that. This way you can feel comfortable when you put your feet up.


Both coffee tables and ottomans come in a variety of different shapes. The most common ones are rectangular, square, round and oval. Choose the shape based on the other pieces of furniture around it, the overall décor of the room as well as any specific needs. For instance, if you have small kids, look for something that doesn’t have sharp edges and corners.

There are also a bunch of other novelty shapes that you might find interesting. For example, you could have a hexagon or inverse pyramid shape that could look cool in your living room.


Look for an ottoman or a coffee table that suits your style. If you like clean and simple designs, look for something modern or contemporary. If you prefer something cozy and inviting, perhaps a rustic or traditional design would suit you. Eclectic designs are sometimes the best at combining good features from two or more styles.


Regardless of size, shape, or style, you have a variety of different upholstery options to consider. Some give you a more casual look while other are better suited for more formal and elegant environments. Fabric is the most versatile material of all. It comes in an infinite number of colors and lots of different textures, patterns, and prints.

Leather, on the other hand, can also offer some diversity in terms of texture and color. It’s more elegant and has a more luxurious and sophisticated look and it can also offer other advantages as well such as durability or the fact that it’s easier to clean and more resilient than fabric.

There are a few other options to consider, a bit less common but still worth checking out like velvet, suede or rattan for example.

3 DIY ottoman coffee table ideas

If you want to build yourself an ottoman that you can also use as a coffee table, this is a really nice design. It’s simple, easy to put together and versatile. It’s made out of wood and it doesn’t look bulky or heavy and it has casters so you can easily move it whenever it’s needed or take it out of the way when you’re cleaning. The dimensions for the one featured on morelikehome are 24 1/2″ wide x 17 1/2″ tall (not including casters) x 24 1/2″ deep but as with any DIY project these can be customized as needed.

If you want something that looks more like a pouf than a table, check out this lovely ottoman design from makingniceinthemidwest. It has a simple shape and it can customized with your choice of fabric for a personalized look. If you’re wondering what’s inside it, the answer is 3 comforters. They were folded into quarters and rolled tightly together, then secured with duct tape. This gives the ottoman a nice and solid structure and also keeps it very soft and comfortable.

Here’s a more eclectic design for a storage ottoman made from wood. It looks like a cube which is a shape that suits for ottomans and coffee tables alike, thus being perfect for this hybrid piece. It has casters for added mobility and a top that you can lift up to reveal a secret storage area inside where you can keep extra cushions, pillows and other things.

Beautiful ottoman coffee table ideas available on the market

So far we focused on ottoman coffee tables and their role in the living room but that’s not the way to use these versatile furniture pieces. An ottoman table can actually fit great in pretty much any room of the house, including the bedroom, the office or even the bathroom and the Avalon is a great example.

Some ottomans are more than just multifunctional. For example, the Laguna can serve either as a bench or as a coffee table but it also has a built-in storage nook inside for personal things, an extra blanket, remote controls, magazines and other things.

As far as the storage capabilities of an ottoman coffee table go, there aren’t that many options. There’s the hidden storage nook option which you’ve already seen and there’s also the open shelf version featured by this chic piece which we found on Amazon.

The nailhead trim gives this coffee table ottoman a refined and elegant look and also helps to outline its frame with includes an open storage shelf. It’s lovely that the shelf is covered in fabric and matches the top and the frame. This detail helps to create a cohesive design. Available on Amazon.

Some ottoman coffee tables are more practical and storage-efficient than their design initially suggests. The Inspire ottoman table is a perfect example in that sense. The bottom shelf suggests a practical design from the start but then you also discover the secret tiny drawers and that changes everything.

We were so focused on all the cool design features of these ottoman coffee tables that we didn’t even notice their shape. Sure, rectangular ottomans and tables are very common and practical but sometimes a round one is needed to balance out the rest of the room’s decor. This one would be perfect. Found on Amazon.

One of the coolest things about having an ottoman which also doubles as a coffee table is that you can choose a bold pattern or color and turn it into a center piece for the whole room. Try to find a print that matches your own style. Perhaps a floral design would blend nicely with your cozy living room. Available on Amazon.

A lot of times when it comes to hybrid pieces one function tends to take over the other. In other words you end up with something that’s more ottoman than coffee table or vice versa. However, that’s not always the case and designs like this one actually manage to balance out these two functions quite nicely. Found on Amazon.

This is another very well-balanced ottoman coffee table design. The Armen has a removable top which reveals a very generous storage area inside and which can also be placed upside down in which case it becomes a tray, perfect for when you need a flat solid top. Just flip the lid to make the switch. Moreover, the ottoman table has hidden casters.

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