Simple Crafts For The Perfect Rustic Christmas Decor

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Since Christmas is all about spending time with family and friends and enjoying social activities, we think a rustic decor suits the occasion well. With that in mind, we’re ready to show you a bunch of ways in which you can set up a rustic Christmas decor and ensure an extra cozy and charming ambiance for you and your guests.

Garlands are very versatile and can be hanged pretty much anywhere. The way it looks can vary greatly. If it’s a rustic Christmas garland you’re after, try decorating one with wood slices. You could cut them yourself out of a tree branch and you could customize each one with lettering using stencils and paint (or stickers). Hang each slice with ribbon, as shown on angelamariemade.

Anything made of wood can potentially have a rustic appearance, like this cute sign that was featured on bugaboocity. The sign is simple and straight-forward. The highlight of the project is that set of adorable Christmas trees made out of fabric scraps.

Add a rustic touch to your Christmas tree as well with some lovely handmade ornaments like the ones we found on thecraftingnook. To make these you only need a few simple things: burlap, pillow stuffing, thread and a needle, twine, little bells and a hot glue gun (or silicone glue).

Another set of rustic Christmas ornaments that you might like can be made out of scrap wood pieces. You’ll also need some wood stain, white acrylic paint, brushes, vinyl letters (or stencils), twine and jingle bells. You can find details and instructions on thecraftingnook.

You could also casually display a few rustic-style decorations around the house and that would change the ambiance instantly. Maybe you’d like to make a Christmas tree-shaped mason jar sconce for one of your candles. The idea comes from angelamariemade and that’s where you’ll also find additional details about the project.

Instead of decorating a Christmas tree with rustic handmade ornaments how about you don’t get a real tree and you put something together yourself. Perhaps this ladder-style tree made out of a bunch of sticks and branches is something that you might like to see in your home on Christmas Eve. Check out thewhimsicalwife to find out how to do it.

Sooner or later we all end up with a bunch of old Christmas ornaments which we no longer like. It’s only human to get bored with stuff over the years but that leaves us with a dilemma: we no longer like the ornaments but we feel bad throwing them out. The perfect solution to this problem would be to give the ornaments a makeover. Try changing their look with scrap fabric twine. You can find out more about that on mypoppet.

Wood slices make great ornaments, especially if you plan on having a rustic Christmas this year. Here’s an extra cute idea from hearth&vine: use chalkboard paint to turn each slice into a customizable ornament. Leave an edge for a nice contrast. You can then use a stencil and a dremel tool to engrave each slice or you can simply use chalk for a less permanent look.

As it turns out, you don’t need fancy things if you’re planning a rustic Christmas celebration. You can easily achieve great results with basic things, like wood blocks. You can paint and decorate them and even stack them to make cute snowmen and Santa decorations. Individual blocks can be made to look like presents. Check out babblingsandmore for details and don’t hesitate to be creative and to come up with your own interpretations of the design process.

These 4×4 Christmas presents look very charming too. We like the burlap ribbon and the tags. You can make several of these and display them around the house. You can even take some out on the porch or set them by the front door. Check out craftcritters to find out more about the crafting process and how you can customize it.

A rustic light-up Christmas sign would look awesome no matter what type of decor you’re planning. Making the sign is fairly easy and you only need a few basic things such as some wood boards (or a ready-made pallet sign), lettering templates, tape, Christmas lights, a drill, some wood stain, acrylic paint and a paint brush. All the instructions can be found on theamericanpatriette.

Have you ever made a burlap wreath? It’s easy once you get the hang of it. All you need is a wire wreath form, a big roll of burlap ribbon and scissors. You can definitely add ornaments and decorations but we suggest keeping the design simple, like this one from sweetteaandsavinggraceblog. After all, simplicity is what makes burlap such a great option for this project.

Alternative Christmas trees are generally perceived as being best-suited for modern and contemporary decors but some designs are just as suited for rustic setups. A nice example is this simple Christmas tree made out of twigs. You can find out all about it on freepeople. The Christmas lights are an important part of the design and the battery-operated kind would work best since it gives more freedom.

A rustic Christmas tree as charming as the one featured on 100thingstodo takes a bit of planning, especially if you also want to include those wooden star ornaments. each star is made out of five individual pieces so you have a lot of cutting to do. Stain each piece and then staple them all together. You also have the option of painting the wood but that would ruin its rusticity. Still, it would work out well if you want the ornaments to look more modern or cheerful.

Last but not least, your Christmas tree will also need an awesome skirt. You could make something really cool and dramatic if you follow the instructions from thinkingcloset. You’ll need plenty of fabric for all those ruffles so get everything ready and get to work. Obviously you don’t need to use the same measurements. Just adapt the specifications according to the size of your own tree and of the room it’s in. You can also change the color palette if you want to.

Merry Christmas! 

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