Take The Winter Head On With A Cozy Fireplace Makeover

Winter is here to stay, for a few months at least, which means you should already be prepared to make your home extra warm and cozy with all sorts of fuzzy and cozy blankets, pillows and home projects such as a fireplace makeover. It’s not too late to do that even now. After all, there’s still plenty of winter to endure. A new fireplace surround can really make a difference so let’s check out a few of the options.

The good news you can install new tile onto the old one which is pretty convenient and time-efficient. That’s how the fireplace makeover from naughtonyourlife was done. The new tin tile has a lovely pattern and all the white paint really changes the whole appearance of the fireplace surround. The oak posts were primed and then painted after which four coats of polyurethane treatment were applied, making the surround heat-resistant.

Installing new fireplace tiles is not difficult and can even be fun. You can choose from a variety of different patterns. For example, check out this retro herringbone tile fireplace surround featured on thriftydecorchick. It looks classy and elegant and it has a nice timeless vibe.

There are plenty of other methods which you can use if you want to give your old fireplace a fresh look. If the tiles or bricks already installed are in good shape, there’s no reason to replace them. If you want a change of look you can just paint them. In addition, you can install tiles underneath as well, to create a lovely matching surround. The idea comes from chicmeetshealthy and that’s where you’ll also find more details about this particular fireplace makeover.

Building an entire fireplace surround from scratch is not overly difficult or complicated either. You just have to go through some extra steps. Installing the tiles can be pretty fun and simple and once you add the frame as well, it all starts to take shape. If you want to see how it all goes step by step, you can check out sandandsisal.

You can update pretty much any type of fireplace or fireplace surround. you just have to choose and adapt your strategy based on the context. In the case of this makeover from maiedae, the change involved removing all the old hardware, cleaning and prepping the surface and them applying primer and paint. The new look is so fresh and charming, in spite of how white and simple it is.

You can also go from light to dark when redesigning your fireplace surround. That’s easy to do when all that’s needed is to prime and paint the fireplace and elements surrounding it. A charcoal grey nuance suits this one well. The floor tiles remained white and that’s a nice touch. Find out more about the transformation on danslelakehouse.

A fireplace makeover can also involve adding some new furniture, not just changing the look of the fireplace surround or the mantel. That makes sense when the fireplace wall was previously empty, like in the case of this makeover described on theletteredcottage. The whole room looks different now. The extra shelves make it seem more welcoming and cozy and the other accent pieces complete the look.

Another strategy can be to remove some elements and add others. For example, there used to be a large decorative mirror above this fireplace but now the wood-paneled wall and the stone fireplace surround make anything else seem superfluous. The simplified look suits it perfectly. If you want to find out the whole story of this fireplace makeover be sure to check out littleredbrickhouse.

It’s amazing how much a new fireplace surround can mean for a room. Just look at this great makeover we found on prettyinthepines. The fireplace didn’t look horrible before but now it just looks more complete and it makes the whole room feel more welcoming and comfortable.

What better way to make a fireplace look more cozy and charming than with materials such as wood and stone? You can use faux stone if you find it easier. Either way, just focus on creating a cohesive design and keep things simple. Perhaps this gorgeous fireplace surround featured on makelifelovely can serve as an inspiration source. As you can see, the mantel an important part of the whole fireplace surround and the decorations really make the new design stand out.

Stacked rocks fireplace surrounds are timeless but, even so, they could use a makeover every once in a while. You can keep the structure the same and only make a few aesthetic modifications such as remove some old and outdated hardware or apply new grout or even some paint. Check out this great makeover reveal from stylebyemilyhenderson and be inspired. As it turns out it was a pretty simple project once the right shade of grey was found.

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