Twin Beds For Girls With An Eye For Stylish Decors

Twin beds are practical and not just when furnishing kids’ bedrooms but also guest rooms or hotel suites. A twin bed’s dimensions differ slightly in various areas of the globe but they’re generally 39″ width x 75″ length (which is around 100 cm x 190 cm). We’ve already showed you a bunch of cool ways to furnish bedrooms with twin beds for boys so now we’ll have a look at some chic twin beds for girls. We think they look better in pairs so, in a way, these are twin beds for twins.

Twin beds are also referred to as single beds and they’re basically the smallest ones you can find which makes them a great choice for kids but also for adults. Check out this pair of matching beds with ornate frames painted in a bold shade of turquoise. They look nice when placed against the pink stripes on the walls. {found on houseofturquoise}.

Although blue is generally considered to be a boy’s color, it can be successfully introduced into a girl’s bedroom decor without looking masculine. In fact, blue is a very soothing and relaxing color and certain tones (such as turquoise for example) can look incredibly fresh and vibrant especially when paired with white. {found on houseofturquoise}.

If you love turquoise as much as we do, you can find more inspiring design ideas featuring this color tone on Houseofturquoise. That’s where we found this chic bedroom which makes its twin beds look amazing when paired with those elegant headboards.

Twin size beds are small enough to be used in pairs even when furnishing a small bedroom. Check out this cozy attic. It looks so breezy and fresh and also very feminine and chic thanks to the slender red frames of the beds and the wallpaper on the walls. {found on desiretoinspire}.

There are no specific rules to follow when decorating a girls’ bedroom as opposed to a boy’s room. However, you can usually tell which one is which. This room, for example, has matching twin bed settings with fabric canopies and matching decorations as well as a beautiful dresser in between. It’s all about the textures, finishes and colors used. {found on desiretoinspire}.

A bedroom shared by two girls can potentially look very chic and feminine. The combination of pastel green and pink is an interesting choice in this case. The white elements balance out these colors and the patterns keep the decor from becoming boring or too mainstream. {found on desiretoinspire}.

Simplicity can be chic as well. You can clearly see that here where the sliding barn doors complement the otherwise neutral and Nordic-style decor. We love the warmth given out by the beige rug and the bedding and the way in which the framed mirror brightens up the room.

Here’s a bedroom with two twin beds and a very delicate and serene ambiance despite the cool colors used throughout. It’s all about the textures and finishes used here. The fluffy rug and upholstered headboards are a perfect combo and then there are also the curtains which feature a subtle shade of pink and the small chandeliers that pair well with the pattern on the wallpaper. All-in-all, this is a very harmonious decor.

We’ve seen green and pink being used together many times and each time the outcome is different. The trick is to find the right intensity for each of these colors. They can be both pastels or, as in this case, they can be quite bold and you can use them as accent colors in a white decor. You can tell that this is a bedroom for girls by all the curves and florals used throughout the room.

Symmetry makes a space look familiar and comfortable which is desirable especially in the case of a bedroom. A simple strategy is to use two twin beds with matching designs and accessories, like these storage chests here. Separate them with a dresser or a shelving unit and display some matching artwork on the walls.

There’s nothing between these twin beds and yet the decor is quite symmetrical thanks to the canopies and the matching bed frames. We like the wallpaper and the light fixtures used here. They really make this look like a girl’s bedroom.

Of course, nothing can beat pink when it comes to girly decors so check out this cool use of the color. Notice the muted nuance used on the walls and the shelving unit and how the ceiling ties together all the other bold accent pieces in the room.

When working with muted color tones like these soft pastels, you can play with different intensities and various patterns and textures to ensure that the decor is harmonious and interesting. We like the way these twin beds practically disappear into the decor and how it’s the bedding that helps them stand out.

Isn’t this farmhouse-style bedroom just lovely? We love everything about it, including the chic twin size bed frames, the use of shutters and the seamless introduction of the green and blue elements. The light fixtures give the room a refined look while also setting a very cozy and pleasant ambiance.{found on jvwhome}.

If you’d like to let yourself be inspired by the elegance of traditional interior designs without going over the top with all the decorative ornaments, start by finding the right furniture. These twin beds for girls are perfect. Just look how beautiful those frames are and how delicate and smooth those lines look.

We keep going back to the green and pink combo because, well, it’s pretty popular. You can see these colors used in a traditional setting which incorporates matching canopy bed frames, exposed ceiling beams, and complementary wall decorations clustered together in a collection.

It’s important to use color in moderation, especially when it’s a bright and vibrant shade like this pink. It’s easy to get carried away so try to see the big picture when picking all the individual elements and don’t necessarily match everything.

Play with variations of the same color and spread out the color accents for a harmonious and balanced look. Check out how great this bedroom is organized. The twin beds are placed along the walls and there’s a chic vanity between them. The  most interesting elements, however, are the dresses which were repurposed as headboards. It’s one of the most original ideas we’ve encountered so far.

If space is a problem, stack two twin-sized beds to save floor space and to make room for something else or to simply give the room a more airy look. The beds don’t have to perfectly match each other in size or design. Here, for example, the bottom bunk is larger than the top one.

Let’s forget about symmetry and matching beds for a moment and consider some other options which might be better suited for the design you have in mind. How about a queen or kind size bed as the main piece and a single bed as a backup for sleepovers? That would be pretty cool and you could definitely do that if you have the space.

Check out how space-efficient is can be to stack twin beds. You can stack them parallel to each other or in a different configuration in case you also want to add some extra storage. This turquoise bedroom, for instance, has drawers built into the stairs. Of course, how can we ignore those amazing lanterns at the top? They look exquisite and the great thing about them is that they can be handmade.

It’s not just the design of the bed frames that makes it obvious this is a bedroom designed for girls but also the breezy canopies, the candle chandelier, the antique-style vanity and chair and the general color palette.

Two twin beds can be placed in an L-shape, fitting in one of the corners of the bedroom. This strategy requires the use of a dividing panel which can double as a headboard for one of the beds and as a privacy panel for the other.

There are a bunch of other ways in which you can use twin beds (for girls or for boys) and to take advantage of their matching designs, reduced dimensions and versatile forms. Matching bedding makes the room seem cozier and more inviting but is definitely not a must.

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