Upcycle a Bucket Into a Storage Table – Easy Does It – HGTV

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Upcycle a Bucket Into a Storage Table - Easy Does It - HGTV
Looking for a budget-friendly accent table? Make one yourself (complete with hidden storage) using a plastic bucket and your favorite fabric!

Get step-by-step instructions: https://www.hgtv.com/design/make-and-celebrate/handmade/how-to-turn-a-plastic-bucket-into-a-stylish-stool?soc=youtube


plastic bucket
spray adhesive
polyester batting
foam batting
staple gun
construction adhesive
4 legs for stool
3 wooden discs


1. Start with the typical plastic bucket that you would find at any big box hardware store and set it outside. Next, cover the exterior of the bucket with spray adhesive.

2. Cover two layers of foam with spray adhesive and apply them to the exterior of the bucket. Attach polyester batting to the top and bottom of the bucket using a staple gun.

3. Cover the bucket in the fabric and fold the excess over the opening of the bucket. Use a staple gun to secure the excess fabric to the bucket and apply a ribbon to cover all of the staples. Flip the bucket over and staple the excess fabric to the bottom of the bucket.

4. Apply construction adhesive to a wooden disc and place it inside of the bucket. Allow it to dry overnight. Apply construction adhesive to another wooden disc and place it on the bottom of the bucket. This will add extra support to the stool. Drill a couple of screws into the disc on the bottom to make sure it is firmly attached.

5. Using a power drill and screws, attach four legs to the wooden disc on the bottom of the bucket.

6. Cut out a fabric square larger than one of the wooden discs and lay it on a table. Add a piece of batting and foam similar in size to the fabric on top. Set a wooden disc down in the middle of the materials and staple everything in place. Add four screws around the edge of the wooden disc to make sure all of the materials are secure.

7. Set the lid on top of your new stool and place the finished project in your favorite room. We recommend an outdoor patio, but the possibilities are endless!

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