What are the major cultural differences between Crossroads, Westport, and the Plaza?

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I’m moving to KC in 2019 after I graduate, and I’m going to be a software engineer. I need a place to live and I am not from here. I did intern in the city so I have a vague idea of what downtown is like, but nothing south of it. In a perfect world I’d probably just live in River Market, but my commute is actually going to be pretty far south, and the furthest north I can absolutely live is Crossroads.

  • I can comfortably afford up to $1250/mo

  • I want to be around people my age who are also making pretty good money, or who are doing cool things with their lives.

  • I don’t really like to waste money at bars/clubs, but like to waste it doing other pretentious or interesting things.

  • Low crime would be nice

  • The further south, the shorter my commute actually is. I interned in KC last summer, so I know even the worst traffic still isn’t that bad. Still, a quicker commute still carries some weight, just not sure how much yet.

I’ve searched through old posts and these were the stereotypes I pulled out:

Crossroads: Cool and hipstery. The most things to do on a weekend among the choices. On the uptrend. Expensive. Medium crime (relative to the others).

Westport: Less cool, but still on the uptrend. Noticeably cheaper than Crossroads. High crime.

Plaza: Cold and pretentious. People in their late 20s. Culturally boring and usually nothing going on. Low crime.

Are these accurate AT ALL? I’d rather be proven wrong here. It sounds like I’d prefer crossroads but I have no idea if these stereotypes are accurate.

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